GOG: Next free game available for PC – a full version!

GOG: ​New free game is live - this full version is free for a limited time

As part of the ongoing sale GOG there is now another one for all users free game, which you can add to your account at no additional cost. At the start of the weekend, the full PC version of Immortal Redneck available for free. If you also want the title, you have from now until Monday at 3 p.m Time. Just a few clicks and Immortal Redneck is yours forever! You can find all information about this on the GOG website.

What is Immortal Redneck?

The free game of the day can best be called Shooter with roguelite elements to be discribed. Your challenges are located in the Pyramids of Egypt, which you have to overcome with nine different classes – each with their own abilities. Over 50 weapons, 100 modifications and a skill tree are available for you here. Defeat all enemies and find out what’s going on in the Immortal Redneck game world.

Of course, on your mission through the pyramids you will also encounter some bosses that can quickly end your run. If you are active on Twitch from time to time, you can also activate streamer mode. Here the spectators decide on the mods that your character receives. The title was first released by developer Crema Games in April 2017.

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