Hogwarts Legacy: Featurette shows common rooms of all houses and more

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from Karsten Scholz
Prepare to unravel new mysteries, master your magical skills, and experience the hidden charms of the Hogwarts Legacy wizarding world. In celebration of Back to Hogwarts 2022, explore the Hogwarts common rooms and never-before-seen ruins outside of the castle grounds in this featurette. There’s a special appearance of a well-known ride at Universal Orlando Resort, and the developers reveal how fans can earn exclusive in-game rewards.

September 1st marks the start of the Back to Hogwarts celebrations, a popular annual tradition among fans of the Wizarding World around the world. Together they celebrate the day when Hogwarts students board the Hogwarts Express to return to school for a new school year. During the Back to Hogwarts celebrations, fans could “Back to Hogwarts 2022 – A Look Ahead” tune in, a special presentation revealing news and updates related to the wizarding world. In addition, a “Hogwarts legacy– Easter egg revealed in the castle ruins of a side quest that resembled the ruins seen on the “Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure” roller coaster in “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” within Universal Orlando’s “Islands of Adventure” theme park .

How to connect your accounts

To celebrate Back to Hogwarts, Warner Bros. Games announced that Wizarding World fans will be able to link their Harry Potter fan club accounts to their Warner Bros. Games accounts to directly own their homes and wands Hogwarts legacy transferred to. Players will be able to use their authentic results, as determined by the official Harry Potter Fan Club house assignment experience and wand ceremony, directly into Hogwarts legacy take over. Linking accounts will also unlock a beaked skull mask and exclusive in-game “Haus Fan-Atiker School Robes”, a special set of robes allowing players to represent their Hogwarts house in true style.

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In addition to this, a first glimpse of the entrances and interiors of the common rooms at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was also provided. Beginning with Slytherin’s entrance behind an elegant stone serpent arch, players could glimpse the sumptuous Gryffindor common rooms in one of the great towers, the warm and brightly lit Ravenclaw lounge, and the rarely seen Hufflepuff common room, illuminated by a large skylight bathed in natural sunlight.