Kindle, Echo, Fire TV Stick and Co.: Thanks to the Amazon September offers, they are now heavily reduced

Amazon Kindle Echo Fire TV Stick offer

Amazon has started the September offers and is again offering its own brands at low prices. Get your Kindle, Echo, and Fire TV Stick now.

The September offers are still running until September 9th. All offered Amazon devices can be found here:

All Amazon devices on sale

The most popular e-book reader: Kindle Paperwhite

With the Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon you always have your entire library with you. In the meantime, the e-book reader has been perfected to such an extent that hardly any wishes remain unfulfilled. Thanks to the slim design, the Kindle fits in every pocket, it is waterproofthe battery lasts up to 10 weeks and the latest models even have different ones color temperatures. This way your favorite books look even more like real paper books, but at the same time you can easily read them in direct sunlight.

Get that Kindle Paperwhite during the promotion period for cheap €94.99. The normal price is 129 euros. As always, shipping costs do not apply.

Strike now: Kindle Paperwhite for only €94.99

Streaming at the push of a button: Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Everything you need to turn your TV into one smart tv to make is one FireTV Stick from Amazon. You just have to plug it in and connect it to the WiFi, and you can access all your streaming services and media libraries. There are different models. Depending on what your needs and TV are, another Fire TV Stick might be perfect for you.

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Get your Fire TV Stick 4K Max now for only €34.99

Smart speaker with Alexa: Amazon Echo Dot

Voice control is becoming more and more practical and many people already have a little assistant at home. alexa reminds you of important appointments, reads you news or the weather report and is always available to you. With the Echo Dot smart speaker from Amazon you can also easily play music or set a timer. A short command is enough and off you go. Alternatively, you can use it to control your entire smart home, turn lights on and off, or reorder supplies directly.

You can get the practical and chic speaker during the campaign period for cheap €24.99. So saves her 15 euro compared to the standard price.

Get your Amazon Echo Dot (4th generation) now for only €24.99

Inflation compensation: 4K TV from Sony for PS4 & PS5 now on offer at MediaMarkt

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