Men of War 2: Strategy game postponed due to war in Ukraine

Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter launches in Early Access on September 28, 2022.

In the past we have already talked about the consequences of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine for numerous development studios. The real-time strategy title is now one of the projects influenced by the war Men of War 2which originally 2022 should have appeared. But now the publisher Fulqurum has announced that the title in the year 2023 had to be postponed. No exact release date was announced in the statement for the sequel to the RTS title, the setting of which is set in World War II. The statement reads: “The decision to move the original release date back to 2022 was made in order to bring new features and content that our fans suggested and to improve the game without the delays caused by the war in Ukraine were not possible.”

New location for the studio

The developer studio best way is responsible for the sequel to Men of War. Originally, the team held the title in Severodonetsk developed. However, due to the war of aggression, the team members and their families had to flee the city. However, since the events of February 24th, the studio has again been able to conduct playtests and continue development of the title. Now the game, also thanks to the feedback from the community, should be bigger and better than before.

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In order to ensure this, the title was ultimately moved. With the statement about the postponement, the publisher has also published a new trailer on YouTube.