Pokemon GO Launches Limited Research With Iscalar Tomorrow – Here’s How It Works

Pokémon GO Iscalar Calamanero Shiny Comparison

Limited Research with Iscalar is live in Pokémon GO on September 3rd. Everything about the start, shinys and the bonuses of the event.

The first major event in September 2022 at Pokémon GO is coming up: a three-hour limited research with Iscalar awaits you on Saturday. This is accompanied by bonuses and special Pokémon in the wild.

In the overview we show you the details.

September 3 Iscalar Event – Launch, Shinys, Bonuses

When does this start? The event starts on Saturday, September 3rd at 11:00 a.m. local time. It ends on Saturday at 2:00 p.m. local time.

What bonuses are there? You will get double the amount of Candy during the event for catching Pokémon. In addition, the chance of finding shiny Iscalar is increased. However, it is unclear how high the chance is during the event.

As field research you get tasks that reward you with Iscalar encounters.

What does Shiny Iscalar look like? The following graphic shows the normal and shiny forms of Iscalar and its evolution Calamanero:

Pokemon in the wild: In line with the event, the Pokémon that you meet more often in the wild will change. These are Alolan Rattfratz*, Kramurx*, Hunduster*, Fiffyen*, Blanas, Zobiris*, Felilou, and if you’re lucky, Galar Zigzachs* (this appears less frequently). The Pokemon with a star

are marked, you can find them as Shiny.

Pokemon GO Wilderness Spawns 3 September What you need to know about development:

If you want to develop Iscalar, you will find that it doesn’t work “normally”. You have to turn your phone to do this. We show you the development trick at Iscalar here on MeinMMO in detail. How strong are the Pokemon?

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Iscalar is useless in either PvP or PvE. His further development Calamanero can be used at least in PvP and plays in the super league and hyper league in the upper midfield. There are many strong alternatives.

Will you participate in the Limited Research with Iscalar? Which of the contents are you looking forward to the most?