Return to Monkey Island: These are the official system requirements

Return to Monkey Island (Adventure) von Devolver Digital

A look at the already known system requirements of Return to Monkey Island reveals that, despite the revised graphic style, a top-class gaming PC is not required.

Fans of the upcoming point-and-click adventure probably already figured this out anyway. The requirements that Return to Monkey Island places on your computer can be found on the official Steam store page of the title.

Return to Monkey Island: Do you even need a graphics card?

The question of whether a graphics card is required at all is entirely justified. The minimum system requirements for Return to Monkey Island only mention a GeForce GT 640 or a Radeon HD 7750. The cards have been around for over a decade, and with just a gigabyte or two of video memory, they’re not exactly impressive.

It is therefore conceivable that computers or laptops that do not have a dedicated graphics chip installed could also handle Return to Monkey Island’s fundamentally low system requirements. The other minimum requirements are also very low, only the required RAM is slightly higher:

component minimum requirement
operating system Windows 10 64-bit
processor AMD FX-4300 or
Intel Core i3-3240
random access memory 8 gigabytes
graphic card Radeon HD 7750 (1GB VRAM) or
Nvidia GeForce GT 640 (2GB VRAM)
storage space 4 gigabytes

Return to Monkey Island on the Steam Deck

Although the compatibility of Return to Monkey Island on the Steam Deck has not yet been officially confirmed, the low system requirements of the latest offshoot of Ron Gilbert’s pirate adventure give hope for a successful implementation on the handheld hybrid. However, the selection criteria that Valve considers when implementing the Steam Deck does not only refer to the required technical specifications.

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Rather, optimized support for controllers is also essential, text size must be appropriate, and it is critical that you need to use a gaming keyboard at any point in the game. But even with the latter conditions, it shouldn’t be a problem for Return to Monkey Island to board the Steam Deck at any point. In addition to the release date, the pre-order bonus was also revealed in the Gamescom trailer for Return to Monkey Island.

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