Rocksmith+: Music Learning Service Coming to PC September 6th – News

Rocksmith+: Music Learning Service Coming to PC September 6th - News

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Ubisoft recently announced that Rocksmith+ will be released on September 6th for PC and will be available exclusively on the Ubisoft Store. Rocksmith+ is the new music learning subscription service that lets you learn to play acoustic, electric and bass guitar by listening to your favorite song. The music library starts with more than 5000 songs and new pieces are to be added every month.

The Rocksmih franchise has a 10-year history of success helping more than five million people learn to play the guitar. The last entry was Rocksmith 2014which GG users timb-o-mat in his user article “Experiences of an Unmusical One”.

The service will be available for a 1-month subscription for €14.99, for a 3-month subscription for €39.99 and for a 12-month subscription for €99.99. The subscription service is said to run on 10-year-old laptops running Windows 10, and will be available on mobile devices later this year.​ ​Rocksmith+ was developed by a team of musicians, music educators and video game developers at Ubisoft San Francisco in collaboration with Ubisoft Osaka, Ubisoft Pune and Ubisoft Bucharest.

Rocksmith+ also works with musical instrument makers Gibson, Epiphone, Kramer, Ibanez, Ernie Ball, Ernie Ball Music Man, Marshall, Orange, Mesa/Boogie, Roland, Boss and Electro-Harmonix.​ ​If you own Rocksmith 2014 or participated in the closed beta, you will benefit from a loyalty offer. If you purchase a 3 or 12 month Rocksmith+ subscription, you will receive an additional 1 month or 3 months bonus time in the first billing period.

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Ubisoft also announced that the Ubisoft Store will be running a contest to win a Gibson or Epiphone signature guitar until September 6th. You can find more information about the conditions of participation, the prizes and the complete rules on the official website Sweepstakes website. For more information on Rocksmith+, visit the official Rocksmith website.