Tempest Rising: This shooter has an unexpected connection to the game

Tempest Rising played at Gamescom: When C&C fans create their own game (1)

Right from the first announcement of the strategy game Tempest Rising we were immediately reminded of old classics like Command & Conquer and that was exactly the intention of THQ Nordic. With Tempest Rising they want to bring real-time strategy back to life and are based on the basic concepts of the old hands of the genre. On the this year’s Gamescom we were allowed to test the title ourselves and were very impressed both visually and playfully. A You can find a detailed report on this here. In a new FAQ, the developers have now revealed one unexpected connection of the game.

Tempest Rising takes place in the same universe as Ion Fury

The developers of Slipgate Ironworks work with various other studios, including 3D realms. The latter were for example for the Retro shooter Ion Fury responsible. in one FAQ on Steam the Tempest Rising developers finally announced that the two games take place in the same universe. But how come?

The strategy game Tempest Rising (buy now ) plays in one alternate reality, in which a nuclear war has brought the world to the brink of extinction. Two large power blocs remain: On the one hand, the Global Defense Force, GDF for short, which formed from the remnants of Western Europe and North America. On the other hand Tempest Dynasty, which consists of the former states of Eastern Europe and Asia. The developers want to reveal a third, secret faction in the future. The GDF is exactly the same group that plays a crucial role in the first-person shooter Ion Fury.

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At the same time, the developers assure that, despite various similarities no context between the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) from C&C and the GDF from Tempest Rising.

When does Tempest Rising take place?

Tempest Rising is playing 100 years before the events of Ion Fury in 1997. Among other things, the story follows the events that led to the rise of Dr. Jadus Heskel also wants to answer some questions about Shelly Harrison’s background.