The GOG Sale launched // Immortal Redneck for free – News

The GOG Sale launched // Immortal Redneck for free - News

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Updated 09/02/2022

The little anachronist in us can now use Immortal Redneck be indulged for free. Until the end of the sale on September 5th, you can secure the opportunity to virtually shoot your way through ancient Egypt.

Updated 08/30/2022

The action roguelite Lovecraft’s Untold Stories can be added to your own GOG library for free from yesterday until 31.8.2022 3:00 p.m.

Update from 08/26/2022:

You can download the “2D action role-playing game” until August 29, 2022, 3 p.m. dex add to cart for free.

Original text:

Who more often stopping by is well acquainted with the fact that each week is not only before or after the sale, but also during the sale. “The GOG Sale” is currently running, which offers more than 3500 reduced games until September 5th. In the course of the campaign, a total of four games will also be offered for free bagging. Get started stasisa point-and-click adventure with a science fiction setting, in the rather unusual iso perspective for the genre.

Gamers for whom GOG is one of the main sources of new “fodder” can also look forward to a few newcomers outside of the indie area. Clamping block and/or DC comic friends can join in Lego DC Super Villains enjoyment. Action lovers, on the other hand, could opt for the Definitive Editions of each mafia-Parts interest. If you already own the normal version of part 2 and 3, you get it for free. Only the first part has to be purchased again due to the more extensive remake. As usual with GOG, purists can still access the original versions of the games.

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If you are currently feeling reminded of a yawning abyss when you look into your wallet, but still feel like a classic, you might find it Rise of the Triad or the various parts of the Tomb Raider-Series a few hours of distraction. Anyone who is currently unable to read this edition and is hardened by eye cancer may like it Dink Smallwoodwhich is now permanently available free of charge in the HD version.

Last but not least, there is the “offer booklet” something else for people who shed a little tear over the paper products of the past.