The Last of Us Part 1 makes the platinum trophy even easier than in the original

Here are all the trophies of The Last of Us remake.

Here are all the trophies of The Last of Us remake.

Even in the original The Last of Us, the list of trophies was quite manageable: we had to earn a total of 24 to achieve platinum. In the remake The Last of Us Part 1 there are five more trophies with a total of 29, but the platinum here is a lot lighter than in the original. We give you an overview of all the trophies in the game.

The Last of Us Part 1 comes without skill-based trophies

A majority of the trophies in the remake match those from The Last of Us. Where the trophies from Left Behind were scored individually in the original, they are linked to those from the main game here. So you have to finish the nearly two-hour DLC if you want to get platinum. However, Left Behind is automatically included in the game and does not have to be purchased separately.

No trophies for difficulty levels: Probably the biggest difference in how long you need for the platinum is the elimination of trophies for different levels of difficulty. In the original, you had to finish the game at least three times – first on any difficulty, then on “Survivor”, then again on “Survivor +” – this restriction is removed in the remake. You can complete it on any difficulty as there is only one trophy left for completing the game.

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No multiplayer: The trophies for the multiplayer DLCs are also gone, since the DLCs are not included in the remake. They weren’t necessary for the platinum trophy in the original.

You can see what has improved in the remake in the test video:

The Last of Us Part 1 - PS5 Remake Test Video


The Last of Us Part 1 – PS5 Remake Test Video

These are all the trophies of The Last of Us Part 1

There is a total of 1 platinum, 7 gold, 7 silver and 14 bronze in The Last of Us Part 1.


  • It must not be in vain: Collect all trophies


  • At all costs: Complete Part 1.
  • Do not go: Complete Left Behind.
  • Search for the light: Find all Firefly followers.
  • Endure and Survive: Collect all comics.
  • Chronicles: Find all notes and artifacts.
  • To get to know: Participate in all voluntary conversations.
  • I don’t have more: Survive all of Ellie’s jokes.


  • Something worth fighting for: Find all training books.
  • Battle Ready: Fully upgrade a weapon.
  • Super door opener: Break open all locked doors with knives.
  • Prepared for the worst: Find all workbenches.
  • Sticky Fingers: Open all safes.
  • Tool for everything: Find all workbench tools.
  • Build and then destroy: Upgrade each melee weapon, then break them.


  • Fallen Firefly: Find a Firefly pendant.
  • self-help: Find a training book.
  • Savage Starlight Fan: Find a comic.
  • Fully equipped: Craft each item.
  • In memory: Pick up Frank’s note after it’s thrown away.
  • Light off: Turn off the headlight generator in Pittsburgh while stealthed.
  • Full of water: Complete the Sewer Apparatus with Henry and Sam.
  • Leave hanging: Dump Ellie after good work.
  • Who’s a Good Boy?: Pet the dog Buckley.
  • Nobody is perfect: Played “Jak X” in “Left Behind”.
  • Stone Throwing Champion: Win the stone throwing competition
  • Angel Knives: Defeat Blackfang without getting hit.
  • Talent: Win the water gun fight.
  • Live Bait: Lure an infected with rocks and bottles to attack a human.
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Can you miss trophies? Basically, no trophy can be missed, since you can use the chapter selection to jump to all chapters of The Last of Us Part 1 that have already been played. However, you should create a manual save in the final chapter of the game. If you load an earlier chapter on a memory location, you can no longer access the later chapters there.

Want to go platinum for The Last of Us Part 1?