WoW Classic: 3 AddOns that make your life in WotLK much easier

WoW Classic: 3 AddOns that make your life in WotLK much easier

With AddOns, your gaming experience in WoW Classic can be customized and simplified. We at MeinMMO show you which ones are particularly worthwhile for the new Wrath of the Lich King (WotLK) expansion.

What are addons? These are modifications. They provide the players with additional information and make WoW more comfortable. There are a few “must haves” for the WotLK expansion coming this month.

The recommendations are based on a top list of popular addons by as well as on the own assessments of the MeinMMO editorial team.

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) simplifies all battles in dungeons and raids. The add-on shows you which skills the boss is working and gives hints as to what you have to do. In particularly critical situations, it sends you a warning.

In addition, DBM distributes hints to specific players when they have a task to complete. Most of the messages displayed are self-explanatory and make many fights more relaxed.

According to curse’s top list, DBM is the most popular addon in WoW Classic. Even professional guilds use it. In some guilds you will not even be accepted without boss mods.

DBM is also one of the most important AddOns for WoW Shadowlands.

Watch the WotLK intro cinematic here:

Anyone who starts WoW Classic now will be greeted with one of the best cinematics of all time


As the name suggests, Questie supports you with quests in WoW. This is to become more difficult in the coming expansion.

The AddOn shows available quests and objects on your map. The add-on shows you exactly where you have to run, what you have to collect and where the enemies to be killed are located.

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In addition, Questie offers a tool that shows what tasks you have already completed and how much you still have to complete in each zone.

You can display all possible NPCs and their locations in the in-game database. It works the same way with mobs and objects. You will find all sorts of information through Questie to progress quickly without searching much.


With a new expansion, of course, new content, monsters, NPCs and so on come into play. Sometimes you miss something rare because it’s out of sight. That’s why the RareScanner add-on is worthwhile, at least initially.

This gives you a button on your screen that scans everything around you and shows how rare it is or if something rare can drop there. The scanner also displays this information on the world map. You see NPCs, treasures, events and enemies.

As soon as the addon has found something, it triggers a sound effect. It will then show you the exact location of the find.

Which addons do you use? Which ones do you think are particularly useful in the new WotLK expansion? Or would you rather enjoy the game without modifications and prefer not to resort to add-ons? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

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