Ban on dancing locked out – Saturn no longer lets in Twitch streamers

Ban on dancing with a peace pose in front of the Xperion logo.

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Of: Adrienne Murawski

After the brawl with Orangemorange and Scurrows, Streamer Ban on Dance is no longer welcome at Saturn’s Xperion. His fans don’t like it at all.

Update from 08/30/2022, 2:20 p.m.: Tanzban has already published a statement on the Gamescom fight. In his opinion, the fact that the dispute between him, Orangemorange and Scurrows was able to escalate in this way is clearly due to the casino streamers. Because they would have provoked a ban on dancing.

Original message from 08/28/2022: Cologne – Gamescom 2022 will finally take place live on site again this year. Not only exhibitors and thousands of gaming fans will be there, but of course also YouTube and Twitch greats from Germany. In addition to MontanaBlack, you will also meet Rezo, Gnu, Orangemorange or Tanzverbot at the games fair. There was a dispute between the last two at the trade fair and that is why Tanzban is no longer allowed to enter Saturn’s Xperion E Arena.

Fight at Gamescom: Ban on dancing is not allowed into the Xperion E-Arena

No entry for ban on dancing: The brawl at Gamescom 2022 between ban on dancing, Orangemorange and Scurrows went viral within a very short time. In the Twitter videos you can see how the three attack each other. The girlfriend of Tanzban got a plastic cup thrown at her head. As a result, ban on dancing completely freaked out and was almost impossible to tame. It took about four people to restrain and calm down the twitch streamer.

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After the incident, all streamers went their separate ways and Orangemorange already made a statement about the brawl. Ban on dancing has not yet commented on the incident. But when the streamer wanted to go to Saturn’s Xperion E Arena, he was denied entry. As he announces on his Instagram story, he was not allowed in due to the scuffle:

Right now I’m here in Cologne at Saturn’s Xperion and because of this Gamescom thing I had with the other two, they just kicked me out. I didn’t do anything, came here in a good mood […] [Saturn sagt] ‘we don’t want you here’.

After a fight at Gamescom 2022: Ban on dancing at Saturn undesirable © Xperion/Instagram: Ban on dancing (montage)

After the fight at Gamescom 2022: fans of the ban on dancing take revenge on Saturn

XPERION with statement: On August 28, the Xperion Twitter account reported the incident. According to their own statements, there is no bad blood, it was simply not possible to ensure the safety of dancing ban. However, the operators of the E-Arena in Cologne do not regret the decision:

Fans are angry: However, Saturn’s decision goes against the grain for fans of Tanzban. After it became known that the streamer would not be allowed into the arena, it rained on Google 1-star reviews for Xperion. With 1,025 reviews, the location only has 2.5 stars on Google. The most recent reviews are extremely bad and often refer to the entry ban for dancing ban.

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