Dance Ban Defends Gamescom Freak – “Allergic to Injustices”

Streamer ban on dancing at Gamescom 2022

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

Tanzban, together with OrangeMorange and Scurrows, caused a real scandal at Gamescom 2022. But the Twitch streamer has his reasons.

Cologne – Gamescom 2022 has a bad aftertaste for many visitors to the fair. Because fans were actually looking forward to meeting their Twitch idols, but behind the scenes they attacked each other. The dispute between ban on dancing, Scurrows and Orangemorange recently made waves on the internet. But none of those involved sees the blame in themselves. In a first statement, Tanzban also described his view of the incident and even spoke of bullying.

Full name Killian Roberto Heinrich
Known as dancing ban
birthday February 08, 1997
Place of birth Berlin
Followers on Twitch 637,000 (as of August 2022)
Followers on YouTube 1,110,000 (as of August 2022)

After the Gamescom scandal: the ban on dancing does not see the blame in itself

That happened: At Gamescom 2022, ban on dancing, orangemorange and scurrows clashed. Behind one of the exhibition halls, the streamers provoked each other and literally attacked each other. Friends and surrounding guests were able to hold those involved back and prevent worse, but various videos of the incident immediately went viral. It is not exactly known why this action took place at all. But the three streamers blame each other in statements.

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Ban on dancing defends Gamescom freak out: “I’m allergic to injustice” © dpa/Rolf Vennenbernd/gamescom/Tanzban (Montage)

That says dance ban: Ban on dancing also reported to his fans in a live stream after the incident. For him, it only got so far at Gamescom 2022 because Orangemorange and Scurrows made disparaging remarks about him “People get disrespectful”. And the YouTuber couldn’t let that sit on him, because as he himself reveals in the stream, dancing bans have always had to do with bullying in the past.

Twitch and YouTube helped him gain courage and defend himself against his haters. For this reason, he also wanted to defend himself against the two casino streamers, as explained in his stream. The YouTuber Davinci summarized the statement of the ban on dancing in a video.

This is why it escalated: In his stream, Tanzban also makes it clear that he never wanted to become violent. However, the situation escalated when one of his companions was pushed aside by Orangemorange. This finally put the streamer in a rage. However, the person who was first approached by the casino streamer was not Lola, as Tanzban pointed out again in his stream. Orangemorange also commented on the Gamescom fight and asserted that he was not a woman beater.

Ban on dancing apologizes to girlfriend Lola after Gamescom fight

Sorry for Lola: Even though it doesn’t look as if the parties involved would apologize to each other, Tanzban asks someone else’s forgiveness. Because his companion Lola was affected during the incident. His girlfriend got a mug thrown at her head and was even pushed to the ground by Tanzban himself when he was in a rage.

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The streamer is very sorry that it has come to this and, as he says himself, after the incident “a billion times” apologized to her. “I actually promised her that I wouldn’t freak out like that anymore because she doesn’t like it at all”. Lola also commented on the Gamescom fight and gave her fans the all-clear because she was not seriously injured during the argument.