Dancing ban with casino stream on Twitch – Ends with a strong statement

Streamer dancing ban with casino background

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Ban on Dance has never thought highly of casino streams in the past. But he of all people announced such a stream for his fans.

Update from September 3rd, 2022, 1:00 p.m.: The announced casino stream on Twitch started last night. Tanzverbot dressed up and put on his Rolex, sunglasses and a shirt – in the style of a casino streamer. Then, when he tried to register on a casino website, a screen appeared that said “Casino sucks”.

He then canceled a promotional partnership with a law firm with whom he spoke about casino losses and who offer advice on how to recover losses at the casino. The Twitch streamer received a lot of encouragement and praise for this statement.

Original report from September 1st, 2022: Berlin – True to the motto “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”, Tanzban has now surprisingly announced a casino stream. However, this is not at all similar to the Twitch streamer, because he actually demonizes this type of content deeply. In the past, he has therefore repeatedly clashed with various streamers who advertised gambling. But now he seems to be trying his own luck.

Dancing ban with casino stream – Announced comes as a surprise

This is planned: On Twitter, Tanzban surprises his fans with a very special announcement, namely that the YouTuber is planning his own casino stream. None of his 220,000 followers really expected that, because Tanzban is actually known for being very negative about casino streams. With the words “Fuck everything. Come by Friday” he is promoting the stream, which is scheduled to start on September 2nd at 8 p.m. The whole spectacle is to be broadcast under the name “Tanzi’s Casino Stream”. Twitch Channel of dancing ban take place.

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Dispute with casino streamers: The bizarre thing about it is that Tanzban has repeatedly positioned itself vehemently against casino streams. The streamer has already made his opinion on gambling clear in many of his videos and in the course of this has also messed with Twitch stars like MontanaBlack. Most recently, at Gamescom 2022, there was a dispute between the ban on dancing, Scurrows and Orangemorange. The two streamers are also known for entertaining their fans with casino content.

Tanzban announces casino stream: “With Orangemorange and Scurrows please” © Tanzban/unsplash (Montage)

Maybe just fake: Because of its well-known attitude towards casino streams, it doesn’t seem like the promotion is meant to be taken in any serious way either. It would be conceivable that Tanzban uses this promo to educate about gambling in its stream at the end or possibly make another statement about the Gamescom fight. That’s not certain, however, and who knows, maybe Tanzban will just challenge his luck again.

Ban on Dance Casino stream – fans want to see Scurrows and Orangemorange

What the fans say: The fans of Tanzban also suspect a set game behind the announcement. “How can people think this is serious?”. They joke that he might also invite his scandal colleagues Scurrows and Orangemorange to the stream. The hoped-for discussion between the three streamers may then also take place.

However, should Tanzban actually host casino streams in the future, some of his fans will be quite disappointed. After all, many of his followers share his opinion on gambling. “As if you’re serious. Would be crash of the year, Diggi”. What is really behind the action, however, we will probably only find out on Friday.

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