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These three islands are the starting area of ​​the new campaign - this area should be sufficient up to about level 7.

You can find the most important information about the Gladîn 2: Shattered Worlds campaign here, in this article. We briefly describe the world to you, outline the playing conditions and give you a Who’s Who of the player characters. So if you’re reading the GM Journal and want to look up a detail about one of the heroes, you’ve come to the right place.

campaign planning

These three islands are the starting area of ​​the new campaign – this area should be sufficient up to about level 7.

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Gladîn 2: Shattered Worlds is a homebrew sequel campaign set 60 years after the first in the series. In terms of story, the two stories have little to do with each other, only a few old acquaintances reappear in the form of NPCs. We are using the Dungeons and Dragons 5e rulebook and plan to play once a week, on Saturdays. The lore is partly borrowed from D&D, but also sometimes rewritten and largely fictitious.

The campaign can be roughly divided into three parts. The first part is a classic South Sea island adventure and should keep the heroes busy until about level seven. This is followed by a city game up to level twelve. In the higher levels, players return to partially familiar areas from the first campaign, and after reaching level 20, Gladîn 2: Shattered Worlds should end.

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The lore of the world

The campaign takes place in the year 5560 on the world of Erîn, a planet of the material plane. It’s a high-magic campaign where the use of magic and magic items is part of everyday life. Common races include humans, elves, dwarves, tieflings, gnomes and halflings, tabaxi, tritons, and later in the campaign satyrs and centaurs.

In recent decades, magical technology has advanced so much that airships, firearms or self-propelled carriages are no longer uncommon. This is of course quite different at the beginning of the campaign, because the heroes start on a sleepy group of islands far to the south, in the middle of a sea of ​​stars. Technological progress has not yet reached this point.

The main scenes of the campaign

  • The Kelux Archipelago Consists of the islands of Pen Xantray (Dangerous Island), Ko Rillan (Crescent Island) and Ko Pelw Fi (Flame Island). The adventurers start their career on Ko Rillan and then slowly work their way into the other areas.
  • The Wild Lands are a northern kingdom without a unified ruler. In the capital, Labinthia, five major guilds lead politics. (Artis, Cursus, Doctrina, Lexordo, Remedium and Subterra)
  • gladin is the realm of men, ruled for generations by the Elantel royal family. For around 50 years, the human kingdom has had a new capital, Floßschau am Augensee. While Gladîn was the main setting in the first campaign, in Shattered Worlds this realm only plays a role in the higher levels.
  • That summer kingdom and the winter kingdom the elves border on Gladîn and the Savage Lands to the east. These two empires have been locked in a desperate war for millennia, but the last campaign has finally brought it to an end. Under the two young elven rulers Theoden and Tharin, the two kingdoms slowly find each other.
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