Diablo Immortal: Blizzard Stops Illegal Sales and Creates Massive “Orb Debt”

Diablo Immortal: Blizzard Stops Illegal Sales and Creates Massive "Orb Debt"

Diablo Immortal is packed with microtransactions and even attempts to make improvements are simply a drop in the bucket. Some players have even invested over $100,000. Recently, Blizzard finally launched one ban waveto stop illegal sales of so-called Eternal Orbs. It drove a number of players into ruin.

Blizzard stops illegal orb sales

Eternal Orbs are an in-game currency in Diablo Immortal that can be obtained either through the Battle Pass or real-money purchases. The prices range from 1 euro for 60 pieces to 100 euros for 7,200 pieces. Ten legendary crests alone, with which you can get better loot faster, already cost. 1,600 orbs. With such prices, many players resort to the currency through third-party providers for one obtainable at a significantly lower price. This circumstance is already known for a long time. But only now has Blizzard taken effective measures.

By using external third-party providers, the players have violated Blizzard’s end user agreement. Therefore, in a wave of bans, all orbs that were purchased through third parties were removed and withdrawn from the respective account. So it could happen that players with negative account balances were left behind.

The Reddit user paleblood talks about seeing negative balances of 600,000 orbs, but also Screenshots of negative 2.5 million orbs have appeared. Some other accounts were immediately banned. read up Page 2what restrictions these users have and why the third-party providers are mostly criminal scammers.

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