Do you want to get rid of your old PS4? Dealer gives you up to 200 euros

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Of: Janik Boeck

Do you still have an old PS4 and want to get rid of it? Then now is your hour. You can trade in the PlayStation at a retailer for 200 euros.

Hamburg – Anyone who was able to get hold of one of the much sought-after PS5 consoles will inevitably have to deal with the question at some point: what do I do with the old PS4 now? The backwards compatibility of the new PlayStation 5 has made the old console redundant and is often only used as additional storage to play other games. A dealer is now buying the old console from you for good money and immediately offers an alternative for more storage space. We reveal everything about the deal and the alternative.

Saturn buys your PlayStation 4 – everything about the console deal

Here’s the deal: Saturn is currently running a huge purchase campaign for the PS4. Normally, Saturn is a reliable place to buy the PS5. Now the retail chain is taking your old PlayStation consoles and giving you a shopping voucher worth up to 200 euros. Depending on the model that you sell, you will be credited with different amounts of money. You can hand in these consoles:

Here’s how you can participate: All you have to do is pull out your PlayStation 4 and bring it to one of over 140 Saturn stores. In order for you to get your money, however, your PS4 must meet certain requirements. Saturn will only take the device from you if it works. In addition, all cables from the scope of delivery must be included: HDMI, USB cable, power supply). Otherwise you don’t need anything. You can hand in the PS4 without a controller and without packaging.

  • What you need:

    Working console

    HDMI cable

    USB cable

    power adapter
  • You do NOT need this:



    Clean the console

    pay onward shipping

You have to hurry: Saturn’s action is limited. If you want to sell your PS4 at Saturn, you have to make a quick decision. The campaign runs from September 1st to 13th, 2022 in all Saturn stores in Germany. So you shouldn’t hesitate for long. If you are still considering getting a replacement for the old iron, you should take a look at our PS5 ticker. There we will inform you about all drops.

Buy PS5: Saturn buys you the PS4 for good money © Sony / IMAGO: imagebroker (Montage)

Saturn buys your PS4 – you shouldn’t miss out on these deals

This is the best alternative for PS4: If you only use the PS4 as a kind of extended storage space for the PS5, you can confidently hand the console over to Saturn. The dealer currently has some very good SSDs for the PS5 on offer, which offer more storage space and are priced within the range of the voucher:

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The SSDs are all extremely good and are suitable for installation in the PS5. Above all, the hard drives from WD _Black are currently extremely reduced at Saturn. Even if you’re not selling a console, these deals are worth it. If you give your PS4 to the dealer, it is definitely worth using the voucher for one of the SSDs. *Affiliate Link