For Thief fans: Stealth horror shooter Gloomwood coming to Steam Early Access soon

For Thief fans: Stealth horror shooter Gloomwood coming to Steam Early Access soon

from Rhonda Bachman
Gloomwood is coming to Steam Early Access next week. The developers promise a first-person survival horror game set in a Victorian town through which the protagonist must smash his wits and eccentric weapons. The developers were inspired for the title by Thief, among other things.

Fans of Schleich’s classic Thief should turn their attention to Early Access on Steam next week. Coming September 6th is the stealth horror shooter Gloomwood, which was inspired by the great survival horror games of the late 90s and early 2000s. In the game, hitman “Doctor” finds himself on one of his work assignments in the twisted Victorian town of Gloomwood. Doctor must use his wits and his extravagant 19th-century arsenal of weapons to escape the horror.

Act silently or prepare for the consequences of acting loudly

Gloomwood aims to offer a complex, intricate city of free exploration – crafted from soaring rooftops to hidden passages, dark tunnels and decadent mansions. So that Doctor can also defend himself against the horrid inhabitants of the city, the assassin has a large selection of weapons for every situation: the stick sword, the six-shot revolver and the folding shotgun are just a few of the tools. Doctor can also set traps and use a harpoon gun with a rope.

The protagonist also has different ways of interacting with his environment and finding a way out of his precarious situation. Lean to eavesdrop, peer through door cracks, check the bullets in your guns, and shimmy along ledges. In addition, there are numerous objects in the city that you can pick up, throw, climb, smash or otherwise use to your advantage.

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