German streamer faster than Ronaldo – Leak shows his rating

Logo of FIFA 23. Next to it is twitch streamer Niklas Sommer and professional soccer player Ronaldo

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The streamer and soccer professional Niklas Sommer gets his own card in FIFA 23. The ratings are known through a leak – he is faster than Ronaldo.

Mannheim-Waldhof – Niklas-Wilson Sommer is often found on Twitch playing games like FIFA, Fortnite and Valorant. Together with EliasN97, he sometimes suffers a large fragmented fracture in one or the other challenge. However, the streamer is also a professional soccer player at SV Waldhof Mannheim and therefore also gets his own card in FIFA 23. Due to the huge Xbox leak, his ratings in the new EA game leaked – the 24-year-old Twitch streamer is faster than Cristiano ronaldo

Full name Niklas Wilson Sommer
Known as willy
birthday April 2, 1998
Place of birth dessau
Followers on Twitch 541,000 (as of August 2022)
Followers on Instagram 581,000 (as of August 2022)

FIFA 23: Leak shows new ratings – Niklas Sommer is said to be faster than Ronaldo

What happened? Due to a massive leak at EA, FIFA 23 could already be played on Xbox. As a result, there was a huge wave of new information about the soccer simulation – including a number of new ratings for the cards in FIFA 23. The Twitch star and professional soccer player is currently happy about his pace rating. With a score of 82, he is faster than Messi and even surpasses Cristiano Ronaldo. These are the card ratings:

Of course, Ronaldo and Messi beat the Twitch streamer in pretty much every other rating (except DEF), but Niklas Sommer can still attribute this win to himself. The streamer has improved his pace by a full 4 points since 2021, so he will certainly be playable in even more teams. Ronaldo, on the other hand, is said to have dropped a full 6 points from 87 to 81 according to the leak. Messi had an 85 pace rating in FIFA 22.

FIFA 23: Niklas Sommer faster than Ronaldo – Leak shows ratings from the Twitch star © Imago / EA (Montage)

FIFA 23: This is how Niklas Sommer reacts to his rating – Faster than Ronaldo

What does Niklas Sommer say? EliasN97 shared Sommer’s rating in his story on Instagram and directly compared it to Ronaldo. The football professional reported in a tweet and shared the win with his community. The fans are happy for the Twitch streamer and are busy posting memes – fitting for such a bizarre achievement.

While Niklas Sommer won’t be among the fastest players with his 82 pace rating, the improvement in pro football is clearly evident in his FIFA 23 card. If he wants to make it into the leaked top 100 FIFA 23 ratings, he still has to work harder. It is uncertain whether the leaked values ​​are really the final figures. Since the leak is straight from the game, there shouldn’t be any doubt that it’s real – however, the ratings can still be adjusted ahead of FIFA 23’s release.

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