God of War Ragnarok: 90 Seconds of Combat Gameplay Showcasing Krato’s New Moves

God of War 2 should finally be released in November.

Kratos has been given new combat skills since the first part of the saga.

In God of War Ragnarök, Kratos and his son Atreus embark on the next adventure in Norse mythology. In the second part of the saga, the father-son team has a little more fighting experience, which is why the Sony Santa Monica team has given the two new fighting skills. We can now marvel at what that looks like in a new gameplay video for the first time.

Kratos new fighting style in the gameplay video

As part of a cover story, the Game Informer-Editor uploaded a 90-second gameplay video that takes a closer look at Kratos’ new fighting abilities.

True to the motto “play with your food”, the development team has developed a new fighting style in which Kratos whirls his opponents around more than in the predecessor:

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What’s new? Kratos can switch between the Leviathan Ax and the Blades of Chaos. The two weapon branches now get their own strong elemental attacks using the triangle button. While the Leviathan Ax unleashes a wave of ice, the Chaos Blades deal fire damage. We should be able to do button mashing as well as trigger charged attacks.

Kratos’ shields have also been reworked. There will be two new shields that are either parry focused or more block focused. The latter shield, while intended to provide better defense, becomes more unstable over time.

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In the video you can also see that the opponents are thrown around a lot or whirled through the air. This makes the fight more dynamic than in the predecessor and actually adapts to the motto “play with your food”.

You can see the first boss (or is he a new friend?) from God of War Ragnarok in the following video:

God of War Ragnarok - New trailer teases first boss


God of War Ragnarok – New trailer teases first boss

More news about God of War Ragnarok can be found here:

We also get our first look at a new enemy type in the gameplay video. The Grimms are humanoid reptiles that can spit some type of acid at a distance. You should better dodge these projectiles or intercept them with your shield. The reptiles can also go into close combat and beat up Kratos with their fists.

How do you like Kratos’ new fighting style?