New Ratings – Leak shows blatant upgrades and surprising adjustments

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Of: Josh Grossman

Due to an error by EA, FIFA 23 was already playable on Xbox. As a result, a number of ratings have leaked out – these are the most glaring upgrades and downgrades.

Vancouver, Canada – FIFA 23 wasn’t supposed to be playable until the end of September, but EA made a big mistake and pushed the button for Xbox players too soon. Due to the leak of the entire game, several player ratings are circulating on Twitter and other social networks. A lot has happened in the ratings of FIFA 23 – these are the most glaring upgrades and most surprising changes.

name of the game FIFA 23
Release (date of first publication) September 30, 2022
Publishers Electronic Arts
series FIFA
platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia
developer EA Sports
genre football simulation

FIFA 23: New Ratings Leaked – The Baddest Player Upgrades

What happened? Due to a leak of the game, FIFA 23 could already be played on Xbox and a number of fans had access to the new player ratings. As a result, the top 100 ratings of FIFA 23 have also been leaked and promise that some things will change in this part of the football simulation. But due to the size of the Xbox leaks, a number of other player ratings also came to light.

FIFA 23: New ratings leaked – blatant upgrades and surprising adjustments © Imago/Unsplash/EA (Montage)

Bad upgrades: In FIFA 23, players are again rated based on their real-life performance and receive adjustments to their ratings accordingly. On Twitter and Co., fans are already amazed at the gigantic upgrades that some players will finally bring to the field. Here we have an overview with blatant rating upgrades in FIFA 23.

Fans are particularly worried about Tomori, who has improved his overall rating by 5 points to an 84. A particularly large number of additional points have landed in pace and defense, which will make him a real machine on the entire field. Due to low costs, he will be at the start in several teams. But Vinicius and Díaz could also become real top players in FIFA 23 with their new ratings.

FIFA 23: New ratings leaked – blatant downgrades

Big downgrades: While many players with better ratings celebrate a win, other candidates have to lose points. A twitch streamer is faster than Ronaldo in FIFA 23 because the top Portuguese player has also been downgraded. Here we show you more blatant deteriorations in FIFA 23.

player Rating in FIFA 23 deterioration tempo
Sergei Ramos 84 (-4) (-9 PAC)
Harry Maguire 81 (-3)
neymar 89 (-2)
Cristiano Ronaldo 90 (-1) (-6 PAC)
N’Golo Kante 89 (-1) (-6 PAC)

EA seems to want to make a lot of cuts in speed in FIFA 23. A number of players receive downgrades on their pace rating. With a value of 81, Ronaldo and Messi are no longer anywhere near among the fastest players. But nobody seems to have been put on as heavy an ankle bracelet as Ramos.

Is the leak correct? Actually, it can be assumed that these are the ratings that the developer from Vancouver intended. EA confirmed on Twitter, that nothing revealed by the Xbox leak is in a final state. EA can change small things in particular, such as player ratings, in no time at all. So it remains to wait for official information and the release of FIFA 23 to be sure.