Pokémon GO: We now know how the Piepi event, which will start soon, will work

Pokemon GO Piepi Pixi Shiny

In September 2022, a Piepi party will start in Pokémon GO. We show you the tight details of the three-hour event.

What is this event? In the last few weeks, Niantic has already indicated on social channels that a Piepi event will take place in September. But the developers initially saved on the details. Trainers suspected it could be a similar event to the 2021 Bidiza outbreak.

Now Niantic finally brought light into the darkness and revealed the short and concise details of the event.

Piepi Party in September 2022 at Pokémon GO – Start, Shiny, Bonuses

When does it start? The event runs on September 10, 2022 in the evening hours. It starts at 18:00 local time and ends at 21:00 local time. So you have three hours to deal with the event.

What bonuses are there? During the event you will encounter more Piepi in the wilderness.

Is there Shiny Piepi? Yes, you can find and catch the iridescent form of Piepi.

Iridescent Piepi and Pixi in comparison

Is that all? Niantic did not announce any further details about the event. They added “Who knows what discoveries you’ll make by moonlight?” in the blog post. Whether and what that means, coaches are now speculating (via reddit.com).

  • “I hope they only give a first preview of the event. I thought double stardust and [die Attacke] Fairy breezes were a part of that,” writes Eirkir
  • “So a spotlight for three hours?” asks ImmortalDawn666

on Twitter explains Joe Merrick, the operator of Serebii.net, a statement on the event. The Pokémon Company is contributing to the Moon Viewing Festival, which runs on September 10th, through various games. Including even taking over a weather channel.

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This event is part of it and the logo in the top right corner of the event image is the campaign logo.

The event bonuses may therefore be rather small. How do you like a tight event of this kind? are you participating?

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