Robert Marc Lehmann makes an announcement – ​​“Stupid” and “Childish”

Twitch streamer MontanaBlack and marine biologist Marc Robert Lehmann

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Of: Josh Grossman

MontanaBlack gets harsh criticism from environmental activist Robert Marc Lehmann. This describes the streamer Marcel Eris as “childish” and “stupid”.

Kiel – MontanaBlack can usually be found on Twitch in front of a gigantic saltwater aquarium. The tank holds 1,700 liters and features a large selection of colorful ornamental fish. The most watched aquarium in Germany is a thorn in the side of the marine biologist Robert Marc Lehmann. He takes on the Twitch streamer for the second time and has an announcement for MontanaBlack on YouTube. Robert Marc Lehmann jokingly calls the video “The Destruction of MontanaBlack‘ addressing his words to everyone in the aquarium community.

Full name Robert Marc Lehmann
birthday February 7, 1983
Place of birth Jena
Subscribers on YouTube 563,000 (as of August 2022)
Subscribers on Instagram 293,000 (as of August 2022)

MontanaBlack gets another announcement – ​​Robert Marc Lehmann says: “Wake up!”

What happened? In March 2021, a video was made on Fritz Meinecke’s channel, in which Robert Marc Lehmann criticized the MontanaBlack aquarium. This was followed by a small controversy with his community, which flared up again after the streamer bought more fish. In his Twitch stream, MontanaBlack’s viewers demanded that he watch the video. Lehmann finds his reactions “childish” and “stupid‘ which prompted him to shoot another video in which he begs the streamer, ‘Wake up!’

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Marine biologist begs MontanaBlack: “Wake up!” © Marc Robert Lehmann / dpa: Philipp Schulze / Unsplash (Montage)

Who is Robert Marc Lehmann? The marine biologist sits on his Youtube channel for the welfare of wildlife and features informative videos on marine conservation. Lehmann has been involved with fish for 33 years and through his experience and studies his opinion in this area is highly valued. Robert Marc Lehmann canceled 7 vs Wild, but he would certainly have cut a fine figure with his wealth of knowledge. On his official site you will find all the awards and achievements that Lehmann has achieved as an animal rights activist and marine biologist.

MontanaBlack gets an announcement – simple solution from marine biologists

Marc Robert Lehmann’s reaction: The marine biologist and YouTuber watched some clips of MontanaBlack showing him “shopping“ new fish show. Other videos in which Monte proves his lack of knowledge about fish were also sent to Lehmann by his fans so that he can react to them. But the marine biologist takes the reaction to the original video with Fritz Meinecke in particular as an opportunity to make a second announcement to MontanaBlack. We have included the entire video for you here.

In the clip, MontanaBlack’s twitch chat appears to have lashed out at him, demanding solutions to the alleged animal cruelty MontanaBlack is engaging in in the glass tank of his gaming room. “You are little idiots“, the streamer scolds in front of the camera, “What do you want from me now?“. Lehmann has a direct answer to this rhetorical question and appeals to MontanaBlack.

“What I want from you – dear Montana – is that you turn on your brain and think about what you are doing with these animals.”

The marine biologist says: Robert Marc Lehmann stands by his original opinion about the MontanaBlack aquarium and repeats some passages from the old video. The new clips of Monte leave Lehmann shaking his head and sarcastically saying: “We see: Uncle Monte knows what kind of fish he is buying“. MontanaBlack doesn’t buy its fish based on the species in the tank or the water conditions – for the twitch streamer the appearance of the fish seems to be the only important thing. For the marine biologist, a saltwater aquarium of this size is a gigantic challenge that must be met with sufficient responsibility. He mentioned this about a year ago when he criticized Marcel Eris’ aquarium.

“When you keep a saltwater aquarium, which is pretty gross in itself – well, you should be a consummate professional at that – and then you don’t even know the name of the fish… that’s kind of sad.”

In his reaction to the video with Fritz Meinecke, MontanaBlack explains that he doesn’t think everything Lehmann says is nonsense. The opinion of his personal aquarium shop employee is simply more important to him. Robert Marc Lehmann also has a clear statement on this, which he makes unmistakably clear with a comparison.

“It’s always better to listen to the car salesman than the mechanic.”

The marine biologist’s verdict: Lehmann makes it clear before his verdict that he does not want to stir up hate and that no one in either community should go so far as to harass anyone involved or bystanders. For him, the well-being of the fish is paramount. With its reach and influence, MontanaBlack is a role model for the kids and Lehmann wants these kids to get the right image of animal welfare.

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Lehmann considers MontanaBlack to be a very animal-loving person and sympathizes with the Twitch streamer. He, too, kept animals in which he did not want to see the problems. In addition, one cannot know everything and Robert Marc Lehmann hopes that Monte will trust his expertise. That’s why his verdict is very clear: MontanaBlack should give the remaining fish the best possible life and take care of them with full dedication. Then it says: no more new fish and get rid of the aquarium.