RTS hope Tempest Rising: Developers on similarities to C&C, beta and game speed

RTS hope Tempest Rising: Developers on similarities to C&C, beta and game speed

from Michael Miskulin
The development team behind the RTS hope Tempest Rising answers frequently asked questions in a new official FAQ – including how the similarities to the Command & Conquer series are intentional.

The newly announced RTS Tempest Rising was first announced at Gamescom 2022. At first glance, it really looks like an RTS in the style of the old Command & Conquer games. Now the developers of Slipgate Ironworks and 2B Games have published an official FAQ with many questions and answers via Steam.

The developers of Tempest Rising explicitly refer to the obvious similarities to Command & Conquer in the FAQ. So when asked how it’s similar to C&C, they say, “In the early days of planning and development, our team shared a shared love and appreciation for many of the core gameplay systems that Command & Conquer created and for the incredible experiences that it offered. We obviously took inspiration from the Command & Conquer franchise, but with Tempest Rising we’re creating a unique experience.”

Furthermore: “Tempest Rising is a completely new entry into the RTS genre, building on the structure of classic mechanics that many of us have loved for more than 25 years.” The reveal of Tempest Rising was therefore designed in such a way that it initially concentrated on some classic aspects of the genre. In the coming months, however, the developers want to present many of the new mechanics and innovations in the title. In other replies, the developers suggest that mapping and modding are important to the team at Slipgate and THQ Nordic. So they plan to talk more about custom mod and map support over time.

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Likewise, casual gamers don’t have to worry that the entire gameplay will be geared only to competitive gamers: “We want to accommodate both people who only play campaigns and skirmishes, as well as casual gamers and demanding multiplayer fans. In the development of Tempest Rising explicit attention has been paid to balance accessibility and game depth.While several units have player-activated abilities, these abilities are designed to be easy for casual players to master while giving RTS veterans the opportunity to master them. “

Although Tempest Rising will not be released as Early Access, the development team is planning several rounds of closed beta testing. Details will follow later in the year. A release is currently only planned for the PC and then in 2023 for around 40 euros. There is no specific release date yet.

Source: Steam