Satisfactory Update 6: Hotfix solves annoying savegame problems

Satisfactory Update 6: Hotfix solves annoying savegame problems

from Rhonda Bachman
The Satisfactory developers released a new patch for Update 6 at the end of August. As it turned out, however, this led to crashes for some players when saving or loading saves. A new hotfix should now fix this problem.

The developers at Satisfactory recently released a new patch for Update 6 after a break of around six weeks. The update has been on the experimental server since June and can be put through its paces there by the players. However, after the update, some players reported crashes when saving, auto-saving, or loading a saved game. The developers now want to remedy the situation with a hotfix.

Hotfix v0.6.0.11 is supposed to fix crashes

As the developers write on Steam, they have read from many players who complained about problems with their savegames after installing Patch Some users have difficulties saving and loading their games, others even with automatic saving. The hotfix with the version number should help with the problem.

However, other players are currently reporting who had no problems with Satisfactory before the recently released hotfix, but are now complaining about crashes. Other users report that their game now crashes as soon as they try to play with friends. Other players report crashes as soon as they approach a hatcher. Some users even claim to have lost several hours of progress due to the crashes.

The last patch with version brought some changes and bug fixes to Satisfactory. The creatures in the game have been reworked again and given new behaviors. Some creatures in the game should now act more lively. In addition, there are also some innovations with the patch, such as the fact that unpainted buildings can now be painted.

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Source: Steam