Stellaris: Toxoids Species Pack Coming September 20th – News

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Paradox Interactive has announced on September 20th with toxoids a new species pack for their sci-fi strategy game Stellaris (in review) will be released for PC. Toxoids gives you the opportunity to gamble your planet’s future for instant gains and make the harsh sacrifices necessary to survive in a hostile galaxy. With new origins and civics, as well as numerous cosmetic adjustments, there is a variety of new content. You can watch the announcement trailer right below this news.

The contents of toxoids Species packs in detail

  • New Origins:
    • The Knights of the Poison God: In the depths of the homeworld, rumors circulate of a true power buried beneath the poisonous sludge. Can you uncover the mysteries of this past to possibly unleash upon the galaxy?
    • Overmodified: With this species, you gain more and more traits at the cost of your own lifespan, living in the here and now without worrying about tomorrow.
  • New civics:
    • Toxic Baths: Population can grow rapidly with a fresh infusion of mutagenic sludge—as long as you’re willing to pay the cost to the planet and people.
    • Scraper: The junk of the empire is the treasure of the empire. You can’t be too proud to use rubble and destruction for your own quick building projects.
    • Relentless Industrialists: If you want to keep up with demand, you have to learn to ignore all the petty regulations and negative opinions. The surviving population will be grateful for any resources.
  • New properties:
    • Incubator: Rapidly repopulating the empty planet makes sense, but these growth facilities can also fill up very quickly.
    • Inorganic Breath: Your people are a source of valuable exotic gases. However, respirators are expensive.
    • Venomous: Other species cannot bear to be in close proximity to the species and it seems their very existence makes the planet a terrible place to live. As a result, other empires find it difficult to fight or subjugate them.
    • Exotic Metabolism: Everything is consumed while other species would call in the Hazmat team. The species eats faster and lives longer.
  • New costistic options: species portraits, ship models and cityscapes
  • The Toxoid empire is being expanded through an unrelenting source of harmful sarcasm.
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Toxoids is accompanied by a major update that is free for all players. Find out more about Stellaris and the Toxoids Species Pack on the official site.