TESO: Undaunted Celebration begins September 8, 2022

TESO: Celebrations of the Undaunted - See Serileth to begin!

In The Elder Scrolls Online, it will soon be particularly worthwhile to explore the dungeons of Tamriel again. From September 8th at 4:00 p.m. the celebrations of the intrepid are coming up in the online role-playing game from Zenimax! You can earn additional loot in the 4-player challenges until September 20th at 4:00 p.m. As? By using the Dungeon Finder or by traveling directly to a dungeon with your team and then beating it on Normal or Veteran difficulty (alternatively, you can start with the introductory quest Glory of the Undaunted from the Crown Store).

TESO: Lost Depths – Gameplay Trailer for the Dungeon DLC

This is how you earn the reward boxes

During the event period, if you slay the last boss in a dungeon, you will loot glorious ones Undaunted Reward Chestswhich contain a range of valuable items and consumables that may include Gold, Style Pages, Keys of the Undaunted, Opal Style Pages, and more.

TESO: Celebration of the Undaunted – Seek out Serileth to begin!

Source: Bethesda

During the event period, you will also receive regular Undaunted Reward Chests for completing additional dungeons by defeating the last boss within them. When you open an Undaunted Reward Chest, it may contain the following rewards:

  • Both versions of the Undaunted Reward Chests are guaranteed to contain one item from the sets in the dungeon where you obtained the chest.
  • Additionally, both versions of the Undaunted Reward Chests are guaranteed to contain some of the following:
    • A random crafting style page from the selection:
      • mazzatun
      • silk ring
      • Bloodroot Forge
      • scalecaller
      • claw lair
      • Hunter
      • silver morning
      • Moongrave Temple City
      • Deer of Z’en
      • ice cap
      • Stoke Watch
      • Thorn Legion
      • Dangerous Alchemy
      • truesworn
      • Awakening Flame
      • crimson oath
      • silver rose
      • Order of the Aspiring
      • Dread Sail
    • 1,000 gold
    • Key of the Undaunted
    • Crown Repair Material
    • riding lesson

TESO: Celebration of the Undaunted - Earn dungeon-matched weapon styles

TESO: Celebration of the Undaunted – Earn dungeon-matching weapon styles

Source: Bethesda

Additionally, a Glorious Undaunted Reward Chest may contain any of the following:

  • Opal weapon style for:
    • Velidreth
    • Ilambris
    • troll king
    • machine guard
    • bloodbrood
    • Chokethorn

If you’re not able to clear a dungeon right now, don’t worry! You’ll also earn one Undaunted Reward Chest per day by completing Bolgrul’s Undaunted Dungeon daily quest. Bolgrul awaits your deployment in the Undaunted Enclaves.


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