Testing Kirby’s Dream Buffet: Eat till you drop!

Not only Kirby gets hungry at the sight of this map!

After we in March already Kirby and the Forgotten Land devoured, he serves us japanic gaming giant Nintendo now a small snack that costs around 15 euros. Kirby is one of Nintendo’s figureheads and is this year handsome 30 years old become. So the pink tot created by gaming industry veteran Masahiro Sakurai deserves a lot of attention. Kirby’s Dream Buffet welcomes you to a motley world of tasty-looking delicacies, but in this test we have recorded for you whether the game snack with the round hero from Planet Pop-Star really fills you up.

Presentation at five-star level

Nice that Kirby’s Dream Buffet game menu makes our mouths water. The graphics are squeaky colorful and the game world made of food really looks good enough to eat. Ice cream, waffles, candies – we immediately feel like an unsupervised kid in a candy store!

Not only Kirby gets hungry at the sight of this map!

Source: PC Games

In the menu you can freely scroll around with Kirby; however, the options available are Very clear. There’s a showcase of sorts about Kirby games of the past, which is plausible given Kirby’s 30th anniversary. There is also an overview of unlocked content.

You can even customize your menu to a certain extent because there is a big cake that you can use with so-called “snack characters” can decorate The game offers a total of 256 of these decorative objects, which you unlock randomly after each game round. But the most important thing is the choice of game modes!

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What courses does Kirby’s Dream Buffet offer?

the The content of the game is clear, which is not surprising given the price of just under 15 euros. But first of all: You won’t find a story game here. The game only offers a selection entertaining mini-games.

A giant cake just for you!  You can personalize them with candy characters.

A giant cake just for you! You can personalize them with candy characters.

Source: PC Games

The main principle is simple – you roll and bounce through different levels and win by devouring the most strawberries to end up with the highest weight on the scales. The heavier you are, the faster you roll through the world.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet basically offers three different game modes: Races, Minigames and Battle Royale. The length of the races and Battle Royale looks more like mini-games, and the rounds called “mini-games” with a duration of 30 seconds are more like mini-mini-games. the number of players is always fixed at four players.