WoW: The next expansion needs to overhaul the bonus events

WoW: Bonus Event - Battlegrounds

Are you over the moon in WoW: Shadowlands this week, because that’s it again Arena Skirmish Bonus Event pending? Have you maybe reactivated your subscription just for this and are you in the process of sweeping through the arena with several characters? Or are you trying to get the most out of the second bonus event this week and reminiscing on the Ashran Classic Battleground? Are you also so excited for the coming week with the PvP bonus event “Full house“?

No? Then you’re like me and probably 99 percent of the rest of the players. And if you had to think about what in WoW (buy now ) Shadowlands actually means “bonus event”, you reinforce our call for a complete overhaul for this feature.

The current bonus events from WoW

PvP bonus events are sometimes even nice for PvP players, but the events are not really bad.

Source: Blizzard

Bonus events have been with us since Warlords of Draenor and have been expanded over time. Back then, bonus weeks for pet battles, battlegrounds, and PvP skirmishes were still somewhat popular. However, players were usually only really euphoric about these weekly events during the Apexis Crystal Bonus Week.

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Meanwhile, bonus events like Bonus Event: World Quests, Bonus Event: Pet Battles or Bonus Event: Arena Skirmish degenerate into non-events. Unless you happen to be checking the calendar or rubbing your nose in the quest in front of the Great Treasury, you won’t even notice that there’s a special event coming up this week.

The exceptions so far have been those PvP scuffle kid’s game, because you could easily increase your fame levels in Shadowlands and the bonus events such as Shadowlands Dungeons or Timewalking events. However, the latter were only interesting if their weekly reward rewarded the player with an item at the current item level. In my opinion, overhauling events should be a top priority in one of the upcoming expansions.

What could meaningful bonus events look like?

In order to make bonus events attractive to the player, the reward simply has to be right. Bonus Event: Dungeons of Shadowlands should not only drop extra loot at the end of a normal Mythic dungeon, but also in Mythic Plus. Timewalking events shouldn’t necessarily drop current raid level gear, but at least current Mythic dungeon level. Battleground events should not only grant a little more honor, but also provide some bonus capture points.

As soon as there are good rewards via bonus events, players also rush into the dungeons.

As soon as there are good rewards via bonus events, players also rush into the dungeons.

Source: Blizzard

PvP Brawls should either provide always active and interesting PvP cosmetics or be a good opportunity to quickly increase your honor level. Winning all PvP brawls should be a titled or mounted meta-achievement. The rewards must be made interesting enough for players to play the weekly event want and look forward to certain events.

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