YouTuber in the hospital – Rainer Winkler calls an ambulance

Drachenlord: Influencer apparently in the hospital – posts a photo via TikTok

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Things aren’t going well for Drachenlord, the YouTuber, at the moment. After losing his place of residence, Rainer Winkler has apparently ended up in the hospital.

Emskirchen – Things are currently going anything but well for “Drachenlord”, whose real name is Rainer Winkler. The influencer from Franconia had become the victim of constant cyberbullying in recent years, which had reached unimagined proportions. Enemies of the 33-year-old kept making pilgrimages to his property and besieged the YouTuber to provoke and humiliate him. Meanwhile, Rainer Winkler is said to be homeless and in the hospital.

Surname: Rainer Winkler
Known as dragon lord
Date of birth Aug. 2, 1989
Place of birth Neustadt an der Aisch
Subscribers on YouTube 224,000 (By August 2022)

Dragon Lord: This year has been full of setbacks for the YouTuber

What happened? After many years in which Winkler defended himself against the anonymous internet mob, the situation around the influencer seemed to improve in the short term. Rainer Winkler sold his property and bought a vehicle, which he used to travel around Germany for a while. However, he soon lost his driver’s license and had to sell his car. It soon became known that the public prosecutor’s office was investigating Winkler because he is said to have distributed violent videos.

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As a result of the investigations, various technical devices from Winkler were seized as evidence. Subsequently, Drachenlord was banned from YouTube, TikTok and OnlyFans due to various violations of the terms and conditions. This loss broke away for Winkler his last sources of income. Apparently, Winkler is homeless and living off what’s left of the money he got from the sale of his vehicle.

Drachenlord: Influencer apparently in the hospital – posts a photo via TikTok © Daniel Karmann/dpa / / (Montage)

However, this does not change the fact that his opponents continue to besiege him, secretly photograph him and report to the public about exactly where the dragon lord is. They also imitate him and make audio recordings of conversations in which they involve him without being asked. In a Telegram group, recordings are circulating that show the dragon lord at a folk festival, after which he is picked up by an ambulance.

Dragon Lord – How is the YouTuber now?

How is the YouTuber? The only information currently available about Drachenlord comes from a Telegram group with over 40,000 members. However, it is important to mention that this group was apparently founded by opponents of Rainer Winkler. The tenor of the group is accordingly cynical and biased throughout, so much of the information is speculation and posts are often insulting or condescending.

A selfie by Winkler is circulating in the Telegram group, which he is said to have uploaded to a TikTok account that has since been deleted. The group suspects that the photo is current and could have come from the hospital. However, the editors could not verify the authenticity of the source because the TikTok account had already been deleted by the time the article was written. However, it is not unlikely that Winkler will try to create new accounts, in the past he was able to finance his livelihood with the income from the Internet.

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Dragon Lord – Haters disagree on how to proceed

Not all haters agree: The group that has committed itself to Winkler is large. There seems to be growing disagreement about whether or not to leave the Dragonlord alone now. It is also called not to bother the nursing staff of the hospital where Winkler is located. But even if Winkler is now homeless, the “dragon game” doesn’t seem to be over. For the people who pursue the dragon lord in their free time, it seems to have long since become a hobby in which they see great entertainment value.