Star Wars: Andor – Is the new sci-fi drama worth it on Disney+? Series review after 4 episodes

Star Wars: Andor (Disney+), scene from the series, series review, review

The famous company with the mouse currently has so many projects to do star Wars in the making that even as a fan you can lose track of things. However, a few productions stand out in the sea of ​​future offerings and this undoubtedly includes the series Star Wars: Andorthe am September 21, 2022 on Disney+ should go to the start.

The work based on the idea of ​​the screenwriters Tony Gilroy (“The Bourne Identity”, “The Great Wall”) tells the story behind the theatrical film Rogue One: A Star Wars Storywhich in turn serves as a prequel to the original war of stars served. The series tells us more about the rebel Cassian Andorplayed by Diego Luna.

And Disney seems quite confident in its new one origin storybecause although reviews of Andor may not be published until already three episodes are available on the company’s own VoD channel, was made available some time before the official launch a second season ordered.

Whether this confidence in the series in which Toby Haynes, Benjamin Caron and Susanna White directed, is justified, we wanted to find out for ourselves and decided to do it the first four episodes viewed and put through its paces.

Star Wars: Andor – A Review

In the run-up, it was often said that “Star Wars: Andor” a dark series should be and not a few of those responsible Lucasfilm even referred to the project as drama and crime. And indeed, the story about the popular one presents itself Rebel Captain as largely rough, oppressive and with strong focus on the plot.

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the development of the characters is, at least in the first four episodes, clearly the focus of the efforts. Although inclined viewers are thrown right into the action, they are in a way located at the beginning of Cassian Andor’s story. At least from the one whose end we already know.

So that we still more about the motivation of the main character experience and understand why he acts how, there are always flashbacks to his tragic childhood and how he eventually became the man we meet in Rogue One. These retrospectives are though not always excitingbut almost always relevant.

A statement that can generally be applied to the first four episodes, because although the creators of this series a good sense of storytelling style, dialogues and socialization of figures prove, the events sometimes drag on pretty long and some is a passage clearly too long and with it too too boring devices.

©The Walt Disney Company.

So who doesn’t already have a good portion Love and interest for the characters and the worldin which they live, has to be a bit more patient here and there, because “Star Wars: Andor” has at the beginning Haven’t found your own pace yet. Idles and less relevant scenes are always the result.

This negative circumstance is, however, through all sorts of good ideas made up for. Above all, the clever way of dealing with certain situations and circumstances multiple perspectives considered and interpreted. Finally, besides Andor, there are other characters who the deeds of the rebels-to-be are influenced and who only develop into who and what they later are.

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In addition, the new series of Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Studios some praiseworthy own ideas, which distinguishes them from other works in this universe. This includes trying to Opponents on the side of the Empire more precisely and to include everyday life in this regime.

Here are the first four episodes entirely without Jedi, Sith, the Force, lightsabers or other gap fillers that come with a small rebel cell somewhere in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do at all. Although these fan favorites don’t currently have a place in Star Wars: Andor, they won’t be missed as they don’t seem necessary and are sufficiently replaced by other content.

Star Wars: Andor – What changes after episode 3?

Who on September 21, 2022 Disney+ turns on and into the dark space opera crashes, has only once three of a total of twelve episodes available, which are coherent and set a rough direction, but where exactly the series actually wants to go is difficult to say at this point. All three episodes are rather than prelude to understand.

Only in the fourth episode does the story really start and the series changes it a bit keynote and focus. The work remains, however action oriented and with emphasis on atmosphere, character development and dialogues. New and well-known characters are now introduced here, some of them in a new, interesting light.

We see we different leaders can be, how fundamentally different they react to certain situations and changes in everyday life and how well or badly they can deal with their subordinates. This Diversity of perspectives and character traits ultimately makes the series.

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Star Wars: Andor (Disney+), scene from the series, series review, review
©The Walt Disney Company.

Although are certain idles in episode 4 as well present, but the story remains exciting and driving enough to be able to compensate for this circumstance without any problems. Star Wars: Andor answers the question of how the rebellion was actually founded conscientious and understandable like no other Star Wars project before.


  • Dark, gripping atmosphere
  • Good actors
  • Does excellently so far without the Force, Sith and Jedi
  • Exciting background information on relevant topics and events
  • Interesting character developments
  • Nice break with outdated moral concepts of good and evil


  • Again and again idles and scenes that were too long
  • Background music partly inappropriate

The bottom line is that some scenes in Star Wars: Andor advised too long are and many an attitude even unnecessary is, but the rest of this series is presented in the first four episodes above average and quite exciting. Even more so if you’re already interested in the world and its characters.

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To the genres drama and crime the series has nothing new to contribute, but it skillfully combines these series categories with the Star Wars franchise and is already known approaches and points of action a new face and the viewers interesting ideas and quite exciting answers to open questions from “Rogue One”.