Apple’s App Store is getting more expensive: You’ll soon have to pay that much for each item

Apple's App Store is getting more expensive: You'll soon have to pay that much for each item

Food, gas and now the Apple App Store. Everything gets more expensive. From October you will have to pay more for your apps on Apple. The new pricing will apply from October and also here in Germany.

Apple increases prices in the App Store

Apple announced the price increase for October 5th announced. All countries that use the euro as their currency are affected, as well as Chile, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden and Vietnam.

How much more do you pay after the price increase? In the euro areas, you now pay 1.19 euros for an app that previously cost 0.99 euros. For an item that cost 9.99 euros, you will soon have to spend 11.99 euros. Free apps and subscription prices are excluded and can continue to be distributed at the usual costs. Here you can see the new one price table – Prices for the euro areas can be found below.

Apple has already been criticized online for this step. Epic Games’ CEO Tim Sweeney is at the forefront. He wrote on Twitter: This highlights Apple’s monopolistic pricing power and also their rarely discussed practice of setting the ratio of app prices in different regions: developers choose the US price, then Apple unilaterally sets the price in all other regions Celebration.”

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“Contrast that to Steam and Epic Games Store, where developers choose their own regional pricing strategies in response to local competition and different market conditions within each game and app category.”

In view of the legal dispute that still exists between Apple and Epic Games, it is only too understandable that the CEO of Epic Games is critical of this approach. Apple had banned Fortnite from its own store after Epic bypassed the mandatory payment mechanisms in its Fortnite iOS app. Epic then initiated antitrust proceedings against Apple, which have so far been unsuccessful.