Fantastic Four: Not every Jeff Kaplan is THE Jeff Kaplan

Overwatch: Geoff Goodman

from Susan Brown
Overwatch fans were briefly thrilled when a certain Jeff Kaplan was hired to write for Marvel’s next Fantastic Four movie. Except… it’s not THE Jeff Kaplan that Blizzard fans know, it’s someone else. The question still arises: What is Jeff Kaplan actually doing now?

The name Jeff Kaplan is of course a force in Blizzard fan circles: the former co-inventor of World of Warcraft and then chief guru of Overwatch 2 has April 2021 his longtime employer Blizzard Entertainment leaving; much to the chagrin of his followers, who have always appreciated his work on and influence on the Blizzard games. But what is Jeff Kaplan doing now, whose Everquest passion brought him to the WoW team in the first place?

Jeff Kaplan is now doing MCU scripts?!

What Kaplan does, however, is a big secret. Since leaving Blizzard, his LinkedIn timeline has not been updated. Maybe he’s focused on his private life. Or, he thinks up screenplays?

just became via deadline announced that Ian Springer and Jeff Kaplan are writing the new Marvel Studios Fantastic Four films responsible … and that’s exactly what made one or the other Blizzard fan prick up their ears! A screenplay by Jeff Kaplan! What a sudden turn of events! However, it didn’t take long for followers to find out that Jeff Kaplan is not THE Jeff Kaplan.

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