Twitch’s next streamer revolt – rebellion against too much advertising in streams

The double standard of gambling bans - Trainwrecks calls Twitch corrupt

Twitch is up fast the planned streamer revolt reacted at Christmas time and the streamers with one partial gambling ban satisfied. This action makes the site’s major streamers realize how much power they have over Twitch. And once again, the timing for those in charge of Twitch couldn’t be worse.

Shortly after the successful streamer revolt, Twitch announced that capping the 70/30 split for subscription revenue around 500 top streamers of the live streaming platform will lose almost 30 percent of their income. The next streamer revolt is now rolling towards Twitch. The top streamers don’t buy Twitch because the cap on subscription revenue is related to the cost of running the site. They see this change as an excuse to run even more ads in the stream to make up for the losses.

Adds destroy Twitch…

The streamer revolt against gambling on Twitch started with Twitch streamer Pokimane a tweet published, which said “Like this tweet if Twitch should ban gambling”. The tweet subsequently received over 300,000 likes. After announcing the 70/30 cap, Twitch streamer Asmongold has now launched its own campaign.

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He wrote on Twitter: “Like this tweet if you’ve ever left a stream because of too many ads.” Before that, he tweeted: “Let’s get straight to the point – excessive ads are destroying Twitch. You go into a stream and it says a sixth of the ad has played, you go to another tab and come back and the video player crashed.”

Within a short time, Asmongold’s tweet received over 140,000 approvals. Since the beginning of 2022, more and more advertising has been played on Twitch and a certain number of mandatory adds per hour are stipulated. Added to that Streamers earn less money from advertisingthrough even more voluntarily played adds per hour over one new contract, however, more money with advertisements can earn.

… and Twitch seems to be self-destructing right now

Even before all this bad news for Twitch’s top earners, many were migrating to YouTube Gaming. The bad news should accelerate this process even further. One of those ex-streamers is Valkyrae. After announcing the 70/30 cap, the YouTube streamer tweeted: “Strange that I’m at a YouTube event speaking directly to executives while Twitch is greedy for profit. You’re killing your viewership with more ads and hurting the backbone of your business – the streamers. We want to see the success of both platforms because competition is good but Twitch is throwing everything away right now.”

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Twitch streamers seem to have figured out the platform’s game. The subscription cap should ensure more profit and lead to more advertisements, which promises even more profit. All under the guise of covering the site’s operating costs.