A third of you spend less than 10 hours a week playing video games

You told us how much time you have to play per week.

You told us how much time you have to play per week.

We often address the size of games and how many hours it takes you to reach the credits. With typical open world monsters, the playing time is usually easily in the three-digit range – which developers and publishers like to advertise aggressively.

Additionally, many of you have at least one game subscription that gives you access to a huge and ever-changing library. That’s why we asked ourselves how much time you actually spend with the gamepad in your hand per week.

Most don’t have that much time

In fact, most of you don’t seem to be getting behind that quickly with the mass of games and hours of play that are available to you monthly. 37 percent of you play 10 to 20 hours a week, while a full 33 percent take under 10 hours. On the other hand, only 16 percent of you play between 20 and 30 hours. Only very few come up with a significantly longer gaming time, namely 8 percent at more than 40 hours and 7 percent at 30 to 40 hours.

  • 37% with 957 votes – between 10 and 20 hours
  • 33% with 871 votes – less than 10 hours
  • 16% with 407 votes – between 20 and 30 hours
  • 8% with 208 votes – more than 40 hours
  • 7% with 176 votes – between 30 and 40 hours (7%, 176 votes)

Was standing: 09/22/2022, 4:03 p.m

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The reasons are mostly the same

Some of you have stated in the comments that you don’t find it easy to give a general answer to the question because the playing time varies greatly per week. For many of you it depends on what titles are coming out. For example, Manaring states:

For me it depends on the games I’m currently playing and how captivating they are. I have now taken 10-20 hours a week, I can easily manage the hours. However, if a game fascinates me, which is the release of a much-anticipated game, the number of hours can easily and easily break the 40 mark. But then there is also the reluctance to gamble, which means that there are only 0-5 hours a week 😉

Many of you feel the same way. However, some of you would like to play more but just can’t find the time. The reasons mentioned – and understandable – are always the same: long or variable working hours, family, partner and sometimes other hobbies. CyroTrix explains:

At 32, with a wife and daughter and a full-time job, I definitely play a lot less than I did when I was in school. This means that I think much more carefully about which game I buy. […]

This is also an aspect that is mentioned more frequently: That there used to be more time to gamble – which we can well understand ourselves, although we deal with video games professionally. However, some of you still have plenty of time to pick up the pad. Snakelator reveals:

The survey result was actually to be expected for exactly the reasons you mentioned. However, it is still interesting that the subscription is often advertised with the most powerful game scope possible and a large number of titles, but this is not of much use to a large part of our community in everyday life.

Did you expect this result?