After GTA 6 Leak: Developers show what their games looked like in early development

After GTA 6 Leak: Developers show what their games looked like in early development

After Rockstar had to put up with what was probably the most serious leak in the company’s entire history, other developers have shown solidarity and published images of the early test versions of their games. Includes a kids toy T-Rex from Horizon: Zero Dawn, Splatoon Tofu and more.

No, the graphics are the first thing to be completed in a game

Many fans had something to complain about, especially with the graphics of GTA 6. The animations were not round enough, the game looks like GTA V and many other points of criticism were found and not always communicated politely. Even the leaker himself pointed out that it was an early test version.

To support Rockstar during this time and to show the community that very few games look perfect early in development, some studios are releasing early material from their own productions.

First up is Kurt Margenau, the co-lead of Uncharted 4. He features a car chase that takes you through a world of monochromatic block grids. “There are a million steps in between,” he writes on Twitter. Sure, every game starts with a basic framework that you build on step by step.

This Thunderjaw from Horizon: Zero Dawn hadn’t seen better days at that point either. However, the developers at Guerrilla Games should change that.

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Also, here’s how incredibly unepic the fight between Kratos and Baldur in God of War can look when it’s lacking the finishing touches:

And who would have thought that Splatoon would once be so colorless and use a red block as a prototype?

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“Yes… this is what The Last of Us looked like in its development phase. Every game you’ve ever played has gone through this,” Naughty Dog wrote in a tweet, showing early footage of The Last of Us showing the setting all details are missing.

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Rift of the NecroDancer included poorly cropped photos of a man in yoga poses as prototypes. If this existed as a YouTube yoga tutorial, I would pull out the mat right away:

Cult of the Lamb was also minimalist in its early stages.

Control also started small and let the protagonist Jesse run and fly through an incredibly boring office. The game would certainly not have won its many awards like this.

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For The Wreck, it all started with a rough, animated storyboard. In this comparison you can see how the faces of the characters have developed. It’s just two different worlds.

The developers show that you don’t have to worry about the graphics of Grand Theft Auto 6 so early. There is still a lot of time for development and fine-tuning and as you can see, time has worked wonders for these popular games as well.