Big Mode Entertainment: videogamedunkey founds game publisher – News

Big Mode Entertainment: videogamedunkey founds game publisher - News

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The American YouTuber Jason Gastrowbetter known as video game dunkeyfounded together with his wife Leah Gastrow a game publisher. He said this in a video published on September 22nd, which we have included for you under this news. In it he describes his visit to PAX 2015 as the triggering moment for his decision.

Big Mode Entertainment, as the publisher is called, will be a “harmonious continuation” of his YouTube channel, on which Gastrow has been publishing video essays on gaming topics since 2010. The goal of him and his wife is now “to publish some of the best games out there”.

A YouTuber who wants to become a game publisher with no experience – in addition to enthusiastic comments from fans, there were also many mixed reactions and sarcastic comments on Twitter. Noel Berrycreator of the indie hit Celesteshared Twitter his professional assessment:

“I do think dunkey might have a good eye for design and if he likes throwing money at developers why not? Surely reality will hit them soon enough, that’s how you learn.”

Also an investigative journalist Jason Schreier responded, also on Twitterto the criticism of Gastrow and insisted on giving the modern games industry a dig:

“Incredible, dunkey started a video game company without first getting an MBA from Harvard, worked at McKinsey for 5 years, and then spent the rest of his life climbing up the ladder alongside suits.”

In a subsequent tweet, he advised not to overstate dunkey’s lack of experience.

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on Interested game developers can now apply for a collaboration. It remains to be seen whether Gastrow’s promise to let the publisher become a “seal of quality” will actually be kept. In any case, he is already sure to get the attention of the gaming industry and his more than 7.2 million YouTube subscribers with this new project.