Buying a Steam Deck: Soon it may be possible without a reservation!

Steam Deck Repair Centers are now open (1)

When it comes to gaming hardware, things haven’t been all that good lately. The PlayStation 5 is still a rare commodity, graphics card prices have only recently normalized a bit, and if you want a Steam deck, you’ll potentially have to wait a few months on a waiting list. At least until now.

All reserved Steam decks will ship later this year

Over the past few weeks and months, Valve has repeatedly reported that the production of Steam Decks is progressing much better than originally thought. The company is currently in a position where they can fulfill all reservations for the deck later this year, like the Official Steam Deck Twitter Account Explained. If this proves true, users could get a Steam Deck without reservation as early as next year.

Unfortunately, this may not be the case for users currently residing in Canada. As the company writes on Twitter, Valve’s distributor probably has a processing backlog for orders to Canada, so orders here are “(very) temporarily” paused. However, other regions are not affected.