CoD Modern Warfare 2: Open Beta starts tomorrow for 48 hours – 3 highlights that you should test

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 celebrates its release on October 28th and is currently in beta testing. However, there is a “real” open beta only on two days. On MeinMMO we will show you how to take part and what you should definitely try.

With Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty continues the most successful premium title in the series to date. The story takes place three years after the end of CoD MW 2019 and many well-known gadgets and mechanics return – even Warzone with a sequel.

The developers are currently running a beta test so that you can get an idea of ​​the new shooter for yourself. However, for some test phases you need a pre-order or a beta key. However, there is also an open beta for 48 hours:

  • Launch of open beta on all platforms

So if you want to get a taste of it with your squad, you have the chance for an extensive tour on Saturday evening. We show you all information about the download and what you should test in the beta on MeinMMO.

We include the trailer for the beta here:

CoD Modern Warfare 2: PlayStation trailer for the beta

CoD MW2: Open Beta – Download

The open beta starts on September 24th at 7 p.m. and you can load the data onto your platform before then. Pre-ordering MW2 will also get you into the beta earlier.

In the spoiler boxes you will find information about the download on your platform:

Search for “modern warfare beta” in your respective store, you can start the download here. By the way, you need Xbox Live to play beta on Xbox, but PS Plus is not necessary on PlayStation.

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The CoD MW2 beta has its own Product page on Steam. Activate the beta for your library and download the game.

Add Modern Warfare 2 to your favorites. At the bottom left you can see the “Install” button, but you can’t press it. Use the drop-down menu above the button and select Modern Warfare II Beta. Now you can install.

CoD MW2 Beta – 3 highlights to try

In the beta you will find almost 20 weapons to test and most of the gadgets and killstreaks from the main game are already implemented. The menu navigation in the test is terrible – you may have to click around a little to get an overview.

From our own experience with the beta test, here are 3 highlights that you should definitely keep in mind when doing a few test laps.

Beta Highlight 1 – Crazy game modes

  • invasion
  • prisoner rescue
  • Third person mosh pit

The playlist “Quick Match” contains the two standard modes “Team Deathmatch” and “Domination” with four different 6vs6 maps. Apart from that, however, you can already try out some new modes that you shouldn’t miss.

Invasion: The “Ground War” from CoD MW 2019 returns. Big battles with 32vs32 players ensure lots of action and fire from all directions. NPCs also play a bigger role now – their behavior has been heavily revised. The new vehicle mechanics can also be tested in Invasion. Invasion’s victory controls are like a Team Deathmatch.

Prisoner Rescue: A similar mode already existed in Cold War (CoD 2020) and CoD MW2 is also trying to do it again. There are no respawns, but each team member can be revived once. The winners have to reach 500 points and the mode may take a while. If the TeamAs are balanced, an exciting, tactical dynamic unfolds over several matches.

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Third person mosh pit: “From bug to feature”, as the GameStar colleagues call it. MW2 comes with a pure third-person mode and offers you the standard modes Team Deathmatch, Domination and Stance. Even if you’re clearly a first person shooter fan, try the nonsense, it’s a new perspective and refreshes the gameplay.

You can read more about the new mechanics of MW2 here:

The 5 most important innovations in CoD MW2 and why I can only think of Warzone 2

Beta Highlight 2 – New Gadgets

  • Placeable cameras
  • drill grenade
  • Inflatable Soldier

The new in-game gadgets expand the gameplay in a thoughtful way. You should pack three of the gadgets in particular directly into the loadout or use one of the standard loadouts that come with the equipment.

Placeable cameras: Offers two functions: You can access a placed camera, monitor the environment and mark opponents. But the second function is better. If an opponent runs through the field of view, you will get a signal, even if you are not looking through the camera. This allows strong coverage of large areas because you can have two cameras at the same time.

Bohr grenade: A nasty tactical component – the Bohr grenades work their way through walls and drop a grenade on the other side. Even meter-thick obstacles are no problem. Play around a bit and you’ll see how mean these things are.

Inflatable Soldier: You don’t want to believe it at first, but this cardboard comrade works really well. You can place the field upgrade anywhere, blow it up and almost certainly an enemy will fall for it. This gives you the crucial fractions of a second to flatten opponents.

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I talked a little more about the new equipment in my play report:

I’ve been playing Call of Duty for 14 years – this is my first impression of Modern Warfare 2

Beta Highlight 3 – K/D Freedoms

The beta is a playground. You unlock new weapons and equipment extremely quickly and already have a good amount of content to test. Free yourself from the constraints of your statistics during the beta – all values ​​are not carried over into the full game.

Ignore this point if you only check your kill-to-death rate twice a year. However, if you keep an eye on it, let yourself go in the beta.

Try the sniper rifle if you’re more of a SMG melee fighter. Try out gadgets you would otherwise never touch. What happens in the beta stays in the beta.

Except for some rewards: For leveling up in the beta you get some cosmetics for the main game:

call of duty modern warfare 2 beta rewards 2022

Modern Warfare 2 is coming October 28th for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC on Steam and the Launcher.

You can find out what content you can expect in the game in our big game special: All information about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – release, beta, content and leaks

If you have any tips yourself as to what the MeinMMO community should definitely try out in the beta, leave a comment.