€4.99 on PS Store and 88 on Metacritic – Don’t miss this PS4 action game

Nex Machina is fast, tough, colorful and gets down to business - you can also get it very cheap right now.

Nex Machina is fast, tough, colorful and gets down to business – you can also get it very cheap right now.

If you’re looking for a really good action game and don’t know Nex Machina yet, you can look forward to it: You can now get the PS4 highlight from the Returnal makers at a reasonable price in the PS Store. There you can currently get the shooter with a 75% discount and only have to pay 4.99 euros – which is really worth it.

  • What’s on sale? Next Machina
  • How big is the discount? 75% discount
  • What’s the cost? 4.99 euros
  • By when? September 29th
  • Where? in the PS store

This is Nex Machina

Nex Machina - Launch trailer for Housemarque's new arcade hit


Nex Machina – Launch trailer for Housemarque’s new arcade hit

  • genre: Twin stick shooter
  • release: 2017
  • Regular price: 19.99 euros

That’s what it’s about: Aliens are attacking, you have to shoot them. If you save a few people or find hidden paths along the way, all the better. First and foremost, the pure action counts here and it not only looks fantastic, but also plays like it.

If you’re even remotely into twin stick shooters or action shooting in general, you should take a look. Over 100 levels in six worlds are waiting for you here and the graphics are a real feast for the eyes.

In addition, we unlock tons of different weapons and collect various goodies that make our life easier. Above all, shields, bombs, lasers and the like help to stylishly blow out the countless enemies.

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You can read in detail how much fun it is in our GamePro review of Nex Machina:

A new milestone for twinstick shooters


Testing the Nex Machina

A new milestone for twinstick shooters

the Bullet Hell action unfolds its very own charm thanks to the beautiful and colorful graphics, which is difficult to resist. The secret levels and high score hunt animate to play through repeatedly and the loud sound does the rest.

So it’s no wonder that Nex Machina was able to get a whopping 88 points in our test. This corresponds exactly to the meta score of the review aggregator site Metacritic. The few criticisms of Nex Machina would be partly too simple bosses, a background story that was only hinted at and the little varied game modes.

If you that Development studio Housemarque and the style of Nex Machina seems vaguely familiar: that might be because you’re dealing with an earlier game by the people who also created the stunning PS5 Exclusive Returnal.

What do you think of Nex Machina? Have you already played it or are you trying it out now thanks to the sale?