Hearthstone: New Maw and Punishment mini-set announced

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from Sebastian Glanzer
As usual, the current Hearthstone expansion Murder at Castle Nathria gets its own 35-card mini-set. The Maw and Punishment mini-set includes charge spells, expanded flood cards, and tons of synergy to heat up the courtroom.

Hearthstone developers have the upcoming Maw and Punishment mini set announced, which, like the current expansion Murder at Castle Nathria, is thematically based on the shadow lands of World of Warcraft. The new mini set will be released worldwide on September 27, 2022 and contains 35 new cards: 4 legendary cards, 1 epic card, 14 rare cards and 16 common cards.

These new cards are available in Castle Nathria Murder packs. Players can also purchase the entire 66-card mini-set. With the controversial new resource rune stones the set can be purchased ingame, but the developers still allow the mini-set to be bought with gold. The regular version of Maw and Punishment is only available in-game for 2,000 Gold or 1,500 Runestones. For the all-gold version, however, players must pick up 7,000 rune stones or real money. In the map gallery on the official Hearthstone site you can already look at the first maps of Maw and Punishment. Until the release on September 27, 2022, new cards will be presented there every day.

Does the Hearthstone mini-set deliver the WoW story about the jailer?

The story about Sylvanas and the jailer should be of particular interest to World of Warcraft players. In the current Shadowlands expansion, the story about the two main characters of the WoW addon had some gaps and logic errors. However, it doesn’t look like WoW players can get high hopes for a resolution.

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