Minecraft: Player collects 226 levels in just 8 seconds – Here’s how he did it

Minecraft: Player collects 226 levels in just 8 seconds - Here's how he did it

More experience points in a short time are hardly possible in Minecraft. The player needed a year of preparation for a whopping 226 level-ups in one fell swoop.

Now, while Minecraft isn’t a traditional “grinding game” for experience points, XP does have a pretty big utility. After all, it can be used to enchant tools and thus create the best pickaxes or armor to work even more efficiently or to defeat enemies like the ender dragon.

Most of the time you just collect XP “on the side” while farming ores, killing animals or enemies. However, there are also mechanics to store XP in an XP farm for a long time and one player has maxed out this system.

What happened? In the Minecraft subreddit, the user “JustinTimeCuber” has published a small clip of his Minecraft world. Here he is seen standing in front of a large piece of equipment fitted with some levers.

For a whole year he let this machine work from numerous furnaces so that they processed objects for him. To see how many experience points he had accumulated, he killed himself and reset his level to 0.

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With a final click he then transported all accumulated XP balls from the machine to his character. The levels just fly by and in the end he reaches an incredible final score of level 226.

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That equates to roughly 197,000 experience points—an absurdly large amount.

How does this work? In contrast to many other “XP Farms”, the one shown does not work by killing enemies, but makes use of another property: the melting down of objects in the furnace.

Melting items like iron or gold in the furnace generates a small amount of experience each time. Normally, these experience points are collected immediately when you take the melted item out of the furnace. However, if the items are transferred through a hopper, the ovens accumulate these experience points internally until a player manually takes an item out of the oven.

And that’s exactly what you can see in the clip: there are a whopping 226 levels for the character in the course of 8 seconds, which has probably taken care of itself afterwards – at least until the next supposedly friendly creeper resets the XP.

By the way, the trick only works in the Java version of Minecraft. This is not so easy to implement in the Bedrock variant.

How do you get your experience points in Minecraft? Do you also have any XP farms running or do you farm in the traditional way by fighting and mining rare ores?