Orangemorange and Scurrows report ‘unemployed’

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Of: Aileen Udovenko

Casino streams on Twitch will be more restricted going forward. What does this mean for streamers like Orangemorange and Scurrows? Are you going to be unemployed now?

Hamburg – There has long been strong criticism of Twitch’s gambling policy, now the streaming platform is finally reacting and is taking harsh consequences. Darker times are likely to dawn for casino streamers on Twitch in the future, as much of the casino content will be banned. This also applies to scandal gamblers Scurrows and Orangemorange, both of which are primarily known for their casino streams. Scurrows and Orangemorange have already taken a stand on Twitter. By the way: If you want to celebrate with streamers who don’t host casino streams, you can get them here Tickets for the Black White Pink Party Reloaded at RCADIA.

Twitch restricts casino streams – Scurrows and Orangemorange file for unemployment

That happened: Twitch has now responded to the growing criticism of casino streams on the platform. Because from October 18th, a large part of the casino content on Twitch will be banned. However, this does not mean the complete end for the gambling scene on Twitch, because only streams related to casino providers based outside the USA are banned. However, many of the Twitch streamers who regularly produce casino content are affected by this.

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Twitch Casino Ban: How Orangemorange and Scurrows Respond to the Restriction © unsplash/twitch/instagram/scurrows/orangemorange (Montage)

Only a fraction of casino streamers work with providers based in the US. In Germany, for example, Stake is one of the biggest partners in the scene, but this too will soon be illegal under the new Twitch rules. The casino streamers Scurrows and Orangemorange, known from the Gamescom scandal, are also restricted by the new Twitch rules.

How Scurrows and Orangemorange react: The two casino streamers Scurrows and Orangemorange already commented on the new Twitch restrictions on Twitter. There, the two still take it with humor and talk about the fact that they will probably soon be unemployed.

Scurrows is also very critical of the ban on casino streams, because in his opinion Twitch is following a double standard there. Because sports betting, poker and loot boxes are still allowed, only sites that offer roulette, slots or dice games are banned by Twitch. “But not for sports betting, because that’s sports! And no poker, because that’s skill! And no loot boxes/packs, because that’s something different, it’s not about addicting children, it’s about content!”.

Scurrows speaks out about casino ban on Twitch – fans agree

What his fans say: Scurrows specifically criticized the double standard he believes is behind Twitch’s casino ban, as viewers can still be lured into some form of gambling through sports betting and FIFA packs. Some of his followers probably see it similarly, because they agree with the casino streamer under his post. This is how his fans react:

  • Sushido: “Imagine that casino is the hardest to access for minors compared to sports betting and Fifa packs/loot boxes and yet the mainstream is just up against it.”
  • Cyno: “As if that would have an impact, whoever starts casinos has only themselves to blame. It’s not like you’re not constantly being warned about it.”
  • Elodin: “Just so funny when Fifa streamers who spend 20k on Fifa really want the casino to be banned.”

Of course, there are critical voices against Scurrows, because most of the Twitch community seems to be happy about the ban on casino streams. Some Twitter users also directly ask uncomfortable questions “Then what will be streamed starting October 18th?”. So how the casino streamers will continue is still questionable. But one thing is for sure – the relaxed gambling content on Twitch will probably end on October 18th.

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