The next James Bond has to work for at least 10 years

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from Susan Brown
The search for the next actor to follow in Daniel Craig’s big footsteps as James Bond continues and is still in its early days, according to producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson. The only thing that seems certain is that the next Bond actor will have to commit to at least ten years – so he shouldn’t be much older than his mid-30s.

The last Bond actor, Daniel Craig, impersonated Her Majesty’s secret agent, 007, for a whopping 15 years. Filming of Casino Royale began in 2005 when Craig was already approaching his 40s – something the Brit was seen in the last Bond “no time to die” also looks a little. No, we don’t want to do age-shaming and we don’t want to say that Daniel Craig looks like an oaf. For his now 54 years he still looks damn good (a matter of taste, yes, and wrinkled, too). What we want to say instead: 15 years is a damn long time and a lot changes in the human body. Craig, known for doing or taking part in many of his action scenes, will likely have heard more bones grinding on his fifth Bond than he did on his first.

Anyway: With the Craig era over, franchise producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson are searching for a new actor to portray the smart, agile Secret Service heartthrob. This search, however, so the two opposite Manori Ravindran from Variety End of August 2022, going rather slowly. As we already reported you are already in the process of solving a crisis of meaning for Bond. And you just need a new Bond.

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A commitment for ten, twelve years

What the new candidate – in By the way, Broccoli’s eyes are definitely male, because James Bond is undoubtedly a male character for her is – what you need to bring with you is, above all, time. Because the role of Bond is a commitment for the next ten, twelve years, which in turn probably translates into three to four films. And since the brand is not small, the shooting is correspondingly complex; besides, there isn’t that much time left for other big roles, nor is there room for big type changes. For comparison: Sean Connery played the secret agent Bond six times in the Eon film series (and once in the non-Eon film Never Say Never Never), Roger Moore seven times, Pierce Brosnan four times and Daniel Craig just five times.