Why the Samsung S95B is revolutionizing OLED TVs


With the new Samsung S95B, the manufacturer heralds the revolution in OLED televisions. To do this, the manufacturer combines the previous OLED technology with its own quantum dot technology. The goal is the best TV display ever.

This article was created in cooperation with Samsung.

While many manufacturers have relied on OLED TVs for years, Samsung has long focused on perfecting its QLED sets. With the S95B, the company is now bringing its many years of TV experience to the OLED sector. But Samsung not only wants to keep up with the market, but also wants to take display technology to a new level.

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QLED + OLED = OLED powered by Quantum Dots

Samsung combines the strengths of previous OLED televisions – fantastic black levels and contrasts – with the plus points of its QLED TVs, the particularly brilliant colors and peak brightness. The result is called OLED powered by Quantum Dots and should not only combine the advantages of both technologies, but also eliminate their previous disadvantages.

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The new OLED display should set standards.

Image: © Samsung 2022

The advantages and disadvantages of previous OLED TVs

OLED TVs have been considered the measure of all things for several years. This is due to the structure of the display panels, which consist of millions of tiny organic LED lights – hence the name OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes).

The advantage of these lamps is that they are self-illuminating. Each sub-pixel of an OLED display is its own self-illuminating LED – separately controllable and dimmable. This results in an extremely good contrast ratio for the overall picture. Dark areas appear particularly dark, and the gradations between dark gray and black image areas are also clearly recognizable. In particular, cinema films and lavishly produced series cut an excellent figure on OLED devices.

OLED display graphics
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The structure of a classic OLED display (simplified representation).

Image: © TURN ON 2022

However, OLED TVs also have disadvantages. While they shine with the finest contrast gradations and many details, especially in dark scenes, very bright image content poses a challenge.

The reason is the structure of OLED displays. With the WRGB technology used to date, the individual pixels first emit white light, which first has to be passed through various color filters in order to produce the final pixel color. However, much of the original brightness is lost during this process.

As a result, the individual OLEDs have to light up very brightly, especially for bright image content, and consume a lot of energy. Nevertheless, conventional OLED TVs do not achieve the same brightness values ​​on average as comparable QLED devices, which is particularly noticeable in bright rooms.

The brighter larger areas such as a snowy landscape or a beach are displayed, the more OLED televisions have to reduce the brightness, so that strong colors in particular fade more and more.

OLED powered by Quantum Dots makes the difference

This is where Samsung comes in with its new S95B series TVs. For the first time, the manufacturer combines the strengths of OLED televisions with those of its in-house QLED technology, which it has been using in LCD TVs for years.

Just like in its QLED TVs, Samsung uses a layer of nanocrystals, the so-called quantum dots, instead of conventional color filters. These are located directly above the actual OLEDs and replace the conventional color filters. The Quantum Dots intensify and amplify the emitted light and thus ensure particularly radiant and rich colors.

QD OLED Samsung
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Thanks to new OLED technology, the S95B has a high-contrast and colorful display.

Image: © Samsung 2022

The result is a greater volume of color than other televisions can display. Like measurements Various specialist magazines have confirmed that red and green tones in particular benefit from the Quantom Dot technology and appear purer and more brilliant on the S95B than on conventional OLED devices.

The new OLED displays therefore retain the perfect black representation and the excellent contrasts of classic OLED panels, but can also display brighter, richer and purer colors. This basically benefits all image content, but especially films and series that were recorded in the extended HDR color space.

More stable viewing angles and hardly any reflections

Quantum Dot technology also ensures more stable viewing angles. Viewed from the side, colors fade far less on the S95B than on most other TVs. This is particularly noticeable in direct comparison to TVs with liquid crystal displays. Compared to conventional OLED televisions, the Quantum Dots also ensure fewer color shifts when viewed from the side, so that the TV picture still appears accurate and true to color.

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Reflections and lateral viewing angles are hardly a problem.

Image: © Samsung 2022

Samsung has also worked on another weakness of OLED TVs: reflections. They are often noticed negatively, especially with the excellent black reproduction. Samsung has therefore installed a special anti-reflective layer in the S95B, which breaks up the incoming light in such a way that it is directed away from the display at particularly obtuse angles. In this way, the S95B is said to reflect up to three times less room light than is the case with other televisions.

Good sound despite slim design

Although the Samsung S95B isn’t even four centimeters at its thickest point, the manufacturer has installed a surprisingly powerful sound system in the device. With a total of six speakers that radiate in different directions, the TV produces a dense and room-filling sound and even supports Dolby Atmos. Thanks to Object Tracking Sound, viewers can track individual sound sources in the room.

Samsung S95B sound
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The S95B produces room-filling sound.

Image: © Samsung 2022

The TV’s speakers can also be paired with Samsung’s Q-Symphony soundbar. The sound is then not only fuller and more voluminous, but there is also an even better illusion of spatial sound.

Smart TV and gaming without a console

The equipment of the S95B is completed by Samsung’s well-known smart TV interface Powered by Tizen, which allows access to a huge selection of apps. Whether YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video or WOW – all major streaming services are on board. In addition, there are countless free television programs that are streamed over the Internet via Samsung TV Plus.

If you choose an S95B from Samsung, you’ll get the “Made for Germany” entertainment package as a bonus. You can enjoy the streaming services WOW Films & Series, WOW Live Sport, DAZN, Magenta TV including Netflix and waipu.tv as well as the Sportworld app for six months. You also get Zattoo, RTL+ and the hi-res music service Qobuz for three months. The total value is 929.55 euros.

Samsung gaming hub
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The Samsung Gaming Hub brings cloud gaming services to the TV.

Image: © Samsung 2022

Gamers don’t miss out either. PC and console games benefit from 4K resolution, HDR and refresh rates of up to 120 Hz on the S95B. With the Gaming Hub, Samsung also has a solution on board that basically makes a console or gaming PC superfluous. Gamers can access well-known cloud gaming services such as Xbox Game Pass, GeForce Now, Utomik and Google Stadia via the interface. Provided you have a fast Internet connection and a suitable controller, you can play the latest games directly on the TV without additional hardware.

A blueprint for the future

The Samsung S95B is available in two display sizes. In the 55-inch version as the GQ55S95B and with 65 inches as the GQ65S95B. The equipment, sound system and user experience are identical in both versions.

With the new OLED display, a manufacturer has finally succeeded in sensibly combining the strengths of classic OLED TVs with those of QLED devices and largely eradicating the weaknesses of both technologies.

The S95B should therefore be a blueprint for the future. There is a good prospect that OLED TVs powered by Quantum Dots will form the new premium class of 4K televisions for the years to come.

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