A Plague Tale Requiem game time will be 50% longer than its predecessor

Amicia and Hugo's adventure continues.

Amicia and Hugo’s adventure continues.

It won’t be long until A Plague Tale: Requiem will be released on October 18th for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. The action-adventure will also appear as a cloud version on Nintendo Switch and will be playable in Xbox Game Pass at launch.

But so far it was unclear how long we will be busy with the game after the launch. In an interview with the PLAY magazine the Asobo Studio development team is now providing information on how many hours the new adventure of the sibling duo will take.

Requiem beats Innocence in game time

In the interview, Lead Level Designer Kevin Pinson comments on how many hours of play A Plague Tale: Requiem will have. He states that the game can easily be played through in a weekend.

What is the playing time of A Plage Tale: Requiem? According to Pinson, it should take most players between 15 and 18 hours to complete the game. This makes the title around 50 percent longer than its predecessor Innocence, the loud HowLongToBeat only has around 10-12 hours on the music box.

But is a longer playing time automatically better? In his preview, editor Dennis already has a slight concern that the playing time could be stretched by larger areas that offer no added value. Instead, he would have wished that the story was told more stringently and that there was no idle time.

In the video you can find out the impression played by colleague Ann-Kathrin:

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A Plague Tale: Requiem is beautiful and badass - medieval action video preview


A Plague Tale: Requiem is beautiful and badass – medieval action video preview

Developer gives the all-clear

In an interview, Pinson explains how the longer playing time came about. The reason for this should not be the more open areas, but rather the narration of the story. The team doesn’t aim for a specific playing time, but just takes the time it takes for the story to unfold.

What is the Requiem about? The A Plague Tale series is set in medieval and plague-ridden France. In the sequel to Innocence, the story of Amicia and her little brother Hugo continues. Hugo has learned to control the swarms of rats and must now, together with his sister, flee a terrible curse.

Which season do you find most enjoyable for such a game?