Atari Mania: “Wild Journey through Video Game History” from 13.10. available – News

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September 24, 2022 – 10:38 am — Last updated 1 hour ago

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With the label Atari mania a microgames collection for Windows will be released on October 13 (Steam and Epic Games Store), the Nintendo Switch and Atari VCS, which “packaged [ist] into a hilarious retro-inspired story full of exploration and surprises”.

The backstory revolves around the chaos that ensues when a dead pixel is found in the Atari Vault – the storehouse of classic Atari games. In the episode, “familiar and loved titles morph, mutate, and coalesce in a series of increasingly insane challenges.” Your task is now, of course, to “restore the good old order”.

In total, more than 150 “wild” microgames await you, which should cover the entire catalog of Atari titles. Visually, a neo-retro art update for the classic Atari 2600 style is promised – glimpses of both the graphics and the gameplay and sound (“propulsive happy soundtrack of retro-inspired jams.”) allows the latest trailer.

The French studio Illogika is responsible for the realization of Atari Mania A quiet place is working.

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