Community Home Theaters: Huge Screens and Huge Boxes – Reminiscence

Community Home Theaters: Huge Screens and Huge Boxes - Reminiscence

from Stephen Wilke
In the home cinema picture thread, the community members of the PC Games Hardware Extreme forum present their often impressive home cinema systems and interestingly designed living rooms. The topic has already been viewed over 300,000 times, making it the most popular thread in the entire subforum.

The latest pictures from the Heimkino picture thread in the PC Games Hardware Extreme forum can be found at the beginning of the gallery. In the home cinemas of the community, almost everything is included, from clever detailed solutions to space-saving miracles to simply fascinating systems. Have you already featured your home theater on the PCGHX forums?

The thread creator DerBAsshammer has uploaded one of the most impressive series of pictures. He transformed an entire room into a home cinema and equipped it with a powerful surround system, part of which can be seen in the picture below this text. In addition to the hi-fi components and the screen, it is also the furniture that contributes to the atmosphere: comfortable armchairs interact with film posters on the walls and action figures from cult films such as Terminator to create cinema flair.

Although some home cinemas are not technically outstanding, they appear to be made of one piece. Matching the speaker color with the carpet and the TV with the seating will certainly increase the Woman Acceptance Factor. Would you like to present your home cinema to the community? Let’s go – you can get to the home cinema picture thread in the PC Games Hardware Extreme forum: The home cinema picture thread

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