Copyright sign with the keyboard: How it works on Windows & Mac


You’ve probably seen the copyright sign quite often. This is mainly used for sources for images on the Internet. There is no dedicated key for this on the keyboard. We’ll show you which key combination you can use to use the copyright symbol on Windows and Mac.

Copyright sign on Windows

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On Windows you have to use the number pad.

Image: © TURN ON 2020

In order to be able to use the copyright sign on the keyboard, you have to take a small detour. Because: The sign has not such as the “@-Sign” [Alt Gr] + [Q] – one own key on the keyboard. For the copyright symbol you have to use the number pad on the far right of your keyboard. Now hold these [Alt]key and enters the number combination 0169. The copyright sign will then appear in your text field.

Important: Make sure the number pad is activated. Usually you click on the Num Lock key, which then lights up.

This is how it works with Word and Outlook

You can also use the copyright sign in the Office applications Word and Outlook. It’s easier there: Either as in the step above using the number block or you press the key combination [Strg] + [Alt] + [C] on the keyboard. Then the copyright sign is inserted.

Certain versions of Word and Outlook have the copyright symbol automatically converted by default. If you write (C) – i.e. C in brackets – the program automatically converts the letter into the copyright symbol. Pretty practical.

Copyright symbol on Mac

MacBook keyboard
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On Mac devices, the key combination works easier.

Image: © TURN ON 2020

Compared to Windows, it is much easier to generate the copyright mark on Mac devices. All you have to do is use the key combination [Alt] + [G] on the keyboard of your iMac or MacBook and the copyright symbol will be automatically inserted into your text field.

Copy copyright sign

Don’t you have the keyboard shortcut for the copyright symbol on Windows or Mac at hand? No problem: You can also simply copy the copyright sign (©) from the Internet, as shown here. Just highlight this © logo and paste it into any text box.


  • Under Windows you have to activate the number block, then the [Alt]Hold down the key and enter the number combination 0169.
  • In Word and Outlook you have to use the keyboard shortcut [Strg] + [Alt] + [C] enter. By default, Word also automatically inserts the copyright sign at (c).
  • On Mac it works with the keyboard shortcut [Alt] + [G].
  • You can also use the copyright sign by copying the © symbol.

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