Drama at the YouTube family – ‘Let bad people in our circle’

Nader Jindaoui's Instagram story about the drama with Louisa.

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They are the flagship family par excellence: the Jindaouis. But the dream couple Nader and Louisa are currently going through hard times. They were threatened and robbed.

Berlin – The Jindaouis are currently the hottest couple on YouTube. Nader and Louisa regularly show their family life with daughter Imani on YouTube and other social media. In addition to his career as a social media star, Nader El-Jindaoui is of course also known as a striker for Hertha BSC Berlin. While the Jindaouis are usually only seen as a model family, the YouTube stars are now sharing intimate details from their difficult times.

Jindaouis: Dramatic news shocks fans – Nader and Louisa in crisis

That happened: Just a few days ago, on September 18, Louisa and Nader shared a video on YouTube showing their love to everyone. The title “Love is gone” briefly shocked fans, but in the video you can see how much Nader loves his Louisa and Imani. Only a few days after this declaration of love, the real shock for fans follows. The Hertha BSC star shared a long text in his Instagram story on Instagram.

The statement by Nader Jindaoui. © Instagram: naderjindaoui

In it he writes that he and Louisa are broken. In recent years, the relationship between the two has been under extreme pressure and has probably been threatened several times. Are the Jindaouis separating now?

Separation among the Jindaouis? But on the contrary. In his story, Nader reaffirms the love between him and Louisa. However, there would be other drama. The YouTube family was probably “threatened and stolen from”. So it says:

We dealt with people who let bad people into our circle. people who stole from us. People who put pressure on us, threatened us. […] Our emotions and our good nature were exploited for money. […] We just want to be free.

These people are related to the allegations: Serious allegations from the Hertha BSC professional. Who exactly is said to have stolen and threatened the Jindaouis is unknown. The Jindaouis are currently unable to specify the allegations because they “have some things to sort out“. For now, the Jindaouis have flown to London and are spending quality time there as a family.

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